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PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

bushido_man96 wrote:
That translation is part of the reason that Gen. Choi wanted to do away with it.

I suppose, I really don't know but it does make sense. The thing is, I don't get too caught up in names, if you think about it martial arts always get an identity by WHAT they do, and not what they are called. A name is just a label, the art itself is living and breathing. I always say the version of Tang Soo Do I practice is clearly closey related to soo bahk do, however in my training was never actually called that. I can watch 5 TSD guys do a particular form, or technique, and it will look slightly "off" in body mechanics to me. I see a soo bahk do guy perform it and I say "ah there it is, that's how I do it". If I cared about names too much I'd have to now say I practice Soo Bahk Do if I wanted to be true to a name, that identifies my specific concept of power which is hip generated. I also practice some of these forms.

Chuck Norris used to teach American Tang Soo Do, and eventually wanted to make it more personal and called it Chun Kuk Do. Of course he developed it futher over the years, but American Tang Soo Do was not left behind, it was merely build upon. Names are simply to try and encompas the identity of something, bit names are limited. I actually practice American Tang Soo Do, is it Chun Kuk Do? Technically no, although it technically is, just an older version.

Sorry, topics like these can sometimes trigger something in me that makes me feel bound, and not free to breath in martial arts. It's I teresting.
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