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KF Sensei
KF Sensei

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2021 8:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

bushido_man96 wrote:
GS718Trek wrote:
Wastelander wrote:
I joined the World Combat Association (a style-agnostic org) while I was still a member of the Shorinkan (a Shorin-Ryu-specific org), and it didn't cause a problem, although I did eventually leave the Shorinkan because of how they treated me.

Whether it is acceptable or not is going to vary from school to school, because some are very big on "loyalty," in whatever form they expect it. In general, though, I would say that it's not that uncommon to belong to a style-specific organization and one or more style-agnostic organizations. The reason for this is typically for participation in tournaments, because you will generally get discounts on attendance or additional insurance coverage by being members of the organization that is hosting/sponsoring the tournament. Non-competition-based organizations are sometimes more money-focused, as Bob pointed out, although some, like the WCA, are more about connecting like-minded individuals so that beneficial material can be easily shared, as well as setting a standard for those who are traveling or relocating to use to find a new school to train at.

I saw that WCA is lead by Ian Abernathy (Big fan of his bunkai breakdowns and own some of his dvds)

Ive always liked his approach to bringing practicality back to Karate, but I have to say, I swear the guy rarely blinks his eye in his videos!!

Seems like a solid associatiin thats UK based

I've seen orgs like his, and I believe Stuart Abernethy (for lack of a better analogy, he's the Iain Abernethy of TKD...) has or is is part of an organization that is set up for like minded Martial Artists to have a path of communication and to set up training, seminars, discuss protocols for testing their methods, etc.

I like the idea of joining organizations like this, that are more focused on things like training methods and goals, as opposed to determining a course curriculum or technical foundations.

That's why I like the WCA. It doesn't dictate your curriculum, but it does outline what a practical combative curriculum should include, as far as training methods and general topics. For example, they don't tell you what kata you have to teach, or even that you have to teach kata, but if you DO teach kata, then you need to be teaching applications for the movements of those kata that can be used against realistic attacks that occur in self defense situations, or in combat sport scenarios (depending on your approach). If you teach a striking art, you need to have your students actually hitting things, like pads and heavy bags, not just punching and kicking the air. You have to have some kind of resistant sparring. If you claim to teach self-defense, then you need to be educating students about awareness, threat mitigation, de-escalation, escape and evasion methods, and local self-defense law. Etc., etc.

That sort of org leaves you free to develop your curriculum with any material you want, really, but it sets a baseline standard that other people can see and know that, if they were to visit or switch to your dojo, even if the curriculum was totally different, they would still be learning practical combative skills. From an instructor's perspective, it also helps you identify like-minded individuals who might be interested in some cross-training, or collaborative projects, or co-hosting events, and the like.

Now, for what it's worth, I will likely also be joining the Bugeikan officially on my next trip to Okinawa, but their only requirements are; 1) train Shuri Sanchin, and 2) don't lie about what you learned, and where you learned it. Pretty laid back, all things considered
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Spartacus Maximus
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Black Belt

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 4:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Personally, teachers have always been more important than anything else. As a novice I belonged to, and that was it. After starting over in the same style, organizations donít count for much at all. All that matters to me is that I found the instructor who can teach me what I had been missing.

As far as Iím concerned, if one cannot benefit directly from training under the headmaster of a martial arts governing body on a regular basis, there is no reason for being part of said governing body. I would rather follow one instructor who knows me, than some sage somewhere far away who may or may not know what his representatives may be teaching in his name.
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