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Purple Belt
Purple Belt

Joined: 02 Oct 2001
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2001 10:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wrote this on another forum, it got a lot of responce. This is how I see the gaming industry today. Since many of you are under 18 in here, I thought It would be Interesting:

Now ever since the Atari and the original Nintendo 8 bit there has been great contraversy as to what system was the best! Of course back then we liked those little 2d guys that jumped around the screen in color better than the old games by atari. By that time Atari was ancient. Since the Nintendo 8 bit was most peoples first system, they would naturally pledge their allience to Nintendo! Then the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo came out. They were equally matched in all aspects. They both had great games and a huge collection. At that time the audience of players for both Counsels was aimed at all groups of people. Sega then proved to be a ****ty company by releasing its other systems and then dumping them on unsuspecting customers. Mega CD, 32X, etc. Sega also spinned off their primary graphics maker, which later became 3DFX. Yes, the company that made the Voodoo3 and Voodoo5! Sega then quit making games for the Genesis and started on the Sega Saturn dumping some 10 million customers with a useless system that had no new games. But, in Japan Sega Corp. continued to make Genesis games. Meanwhile Nintendo kept making games on with their SuperNES system pleasing their loyal fans. Eventually Nintendo quit making games during and after the development of the N64. In the middle of the Sega / Nintendo squabble, Sony created the 32bit PSX! It was amazing and everyone loved it. (im not going to mention the Jaguar 64 or Neo) All three counsels aimed for all age groups to buy their games. Soon the Sega Saturn suddenly died because they couldn't keep up with the PSX demand, and yet again Sega **** on its loyal fans. The PSX's success was too much. The Playstation made extremely addictive games that left the Saturn in the dust. The Saturn had good games, don't get me wrong it just couldnt keep up with the PSX, or Sega is just a fuxed up company. Now with Sega's defeat, Nintendo realized that the PSX was a fierce competitor, so they aimed their targeted sales for little kids. 14 and under usually, with games like Pokemon, Donkey Kong, and Mario. The superior quality of the PSX CD and Graphics along with games for older kids like Resident Evil made the PSX highly successful.

So after this Sega tried one more time to get some money by quickly making the Dream Caste while the other two companies were busy fighting. By realeasing their system quickly with an excellent line of games, Sega had the small edge over their competitors for a good 6 months. They quickly swallowed in many fans and large amounts of capitol. But, Sega proved again about how it didnt give a **** for their customers by getting out of the Counsel gaming war early. Sega then went for the 3rd party game developing scene. Later Sony released the PSX2 which was a huge success. Since everyone loved the PSX, they instantly purchased a PSX2. The PSX2 was all a PSX owner could dream of. Now microsoft sees that everyone is making money and launches the Xbox, which is superior to the PSX2 in all aspects. The Xbox seems to be highly succcessful now, with superior graphics and capabilities. Later Nintendo released their GameCube. I think that Nintendos efforts are futile, everyone knows that their games are for little kids, And if anyone out there knows whats good for them they will get an Xbox / PSX2. I know its hard to let go from your childhood gaming system the SuperNES. I think that Nintendo should join Sega and make 3rd party games for the Xbox and PSX2. Its time to grow up and see the bigger picture.

Now, I had a Sega and I quit buying counsel game systems back in 94, when i got my first computer. I figured that Counsel gaming was dead and empty compared to the fast growing computer industry. It turned out to be right. The computer games have far better performance and graphics in all areas. The multiplayer and complexity is far superior to any TV game. Who wants to play a damn game on their TV? Maybe if i was 10 I would. But kiddies, it time to grow up.

The XBOX has risen some questions about the death of the computer. Since the XBOX is equal to a 733mhz comp with a cable modem, it seems like a serious issue. But, how can you play Strategy Games on your num pad? Multiplayer computer gaming and computer games themselves will always be better than playing on your TV with the neighbor kid and uncle lue. Computer games grow so fast, and they are not limited by the systems performace. For instance once the technology gets better, the Xbox will be limited to 733mhz capabilties and the TV resolution. While computer is a 2.0ghz now and its max res is 1900x1300! In a year or so the games will explode and totally dust every tv game. So its your choice, do you want to keep on buying Counsels for your TV and spend 600 bucks every 2 years( 1 system = 300, 3 games = 150, Memory/controlers = the rest)? Or do you want to buy one comp, and upgrade it every two years and have superior graphics and performace? Memory is now dirt cheap for computers, and with 3D cards. Not to mention online gaming and internet possiblites!


(Plz Denounce my spelling errors, im in a rush)

Do unto others, as they done to you.
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Black Belt
Black Belt

Joined: 02 Aug 2001
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2001 4:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is only one IAMRUSHMAN
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KF Administrator

Joined: 01 May 2001
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Location: Los Angeles, California

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2001 6:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I will comment on a few things.

I disagree with your steriotypical points on Nintendo making games for little kids. Donkey Kong is not for little kids... I think you want to see Blood or something and THAT is for "big bad" Adults or something. And thats wrong.

Nintendo's "efforts" have always been top notch in my opinion. They do what they do well. The Gamecube is an excellent system.

I believe that it all events out expense wise for system vs. computer. Both of their pluses and minuses and in the end, it is the persons preference that makes the decision.

In the future, I may play games on both. But right now, my computer is mostly for business.

Patrick O'Keefe - Administrator
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