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PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:01 am    Post subject: Re: footwork in swords fighting Reply with quote

MatsuShinshii wrote:
MAfreak wrote:
do you always have your right foot in front in sword fighting?
i visited a kenjutsu kata seminar and all the time in this "southpaw" stance was very confusing to me and i wouldn't use it in a real fight.

Yes. The reason is quite simple and can be answered by trying ti the opposite way. If you are right handed it does not work as well leading with you left foot. Your body is out of alignment.

See... this is why I said sometimes. There are in fact a number of two handed sword systems where that is in fact exactly what you do. Look at Lichtenaur's Vom Tach or the Italian Culpa di Villano from Fiore.
That being said, modern boxing and kickboxing are really the only arts that DO insist on a weak side lead. That is mostly because that side is used for ranging and feeling out an opponent.

If you look at Judo, older Karate systems, most Chinese gung-fu, wrestling, most swordfighting systems, and several of the weird hybrid systems of the Philippines and Cambodia such as Silat and Arnis, most, if not ALL of them have a strong side lead as the standard. If grappling and close weapons work are going to be what you do, then strong side lead is preferable for a variety of reasons.
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