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Alan Armstrong
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 3:15 am    Post subject: Good Morning Happy Baby! Reply with quote

The happy baby (yoga) pose is when laying on one's back, legs spread open with knees bent.

With a little modification with a pillow or cushion/s supporting the lower back, to get more comfortable.

This is a playful position where pointing toes and stretching the legs, toying with balance and gravity.

Smelling one's own feet or trying to put that big toe in one's own ear.

Making circles with the feet in the air.

Doing Scissor sizes or doing frog impersonations.

Of course these are not intellectual games but they are challenging!

Or getting ambitious with trying to wrap the legs behind the neck.

This is a great beginning for the day before leaving the bed.

So there you are in the happy baby pose, this is where it all began for you, before walking, talking or being able to sit up straight.

Before you could feed yourself with a spoon, before you could do many things, the baby pose was how you workout out.

This is how it all started...

Without a gym or much of anything else the determination to do anything, something, started with that pass time to entertaining one's self in the baby pose.

Till wanting to sit up straight and in wasn't possible as your muscles were not strong enough to do so.

Trying again and again getting that little bit stronger, these were your first (crunches) sit ups, till finally success.

Till the next adventure to crawl then walk with the help of furniture to hold on to.

Now walking then running about, skipping, jumping and climbing.

There will come a time when you and the baby pose once again becomes important again.

Don't wait till it is too late.

Reverting back to the happy baby days is something very easy and natural to do, a simpler time, when there was nothing better to do, with no worries or stresses to deal with.

As never forgetting the child in you, going a step back even further is the happy baby, further still is the fetal position.

Point being that, it will relieve unnecessary stress in the body by being a happy baby when life was simpler than today.

Disclaimer: However there are a few side effects (1) becoming stronger (2) becoming more flexible (3) feeling ridiculous but happy!

Thanks for reading this...

Are you going to be a Happy baby?

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