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Alan Armstrong
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Black Belt

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Training for batlle for all of one's life, why?

Training to protect onself and those I care for, is a worthwhile cause.

I'm training to protect my life from health diseases, that just happens to include people.

Eating right, having a sense of humor, punching 12 times a second, sprinting, stretching, dropping bad eating habits for better ones, I'm fighting for my life for the long run not for profit or sport, or ego.

I'm training for the shear joy of moving and feeling healthy, I don't smash my limbs against solid objects anymore.

A good enough day training for me, is if I surpass my last training session, could be doing something faster or with more power, kicking more accurately, more flexible, these are all physical things, it's just as important to satisfy my intellectual needs as well.

One aspect of my intellectual training is being a part of this forum, with some verbal Judo or perhaps dealing with a little intellectual pier pressure at times.

Another aspect of my intellectual traing is to watch and study about 100 or more MA and health related videos on a weekly basis.

I meditate also about seemingly unrelated topic to martial arts, just lately, things such as worms and there pliability and how fabric and muscles fibers stretch and contract.

Contemplating on moving my body in different ways with coordination, trying them out while training, being creative and inventive.

Training in many of the old ways, many new ways, all ways, keeping on moving and pushing the limits for health and happiness, spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally, keeping in harmony within oneself and with nature.
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