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Alan Armstrong
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:11 pm    Post subject: Intro-Chi-Sau-Wing-Chun-Way Reply with quote

"Dealing" with dualism," Wing" Chun, is not only "gaining" information with "seeing" alone but also with "touching" "practicing" to enhance sensitivity what is called, Chi Sau/Sticky Hands; once again not "Limiting" to just hands but "allowing" all viable body parts to participate in "Sticking" when needed.

"Chi Sau-"ing" begins

"Facing" "ing" !

"Rolling" "ing" !

"Sticking" and "Questioning"

"Wording" worth "Reflecting"

"Connecting" and "Considering"

"Chi-Sau-ing" needs "Familiarising" "Vocabularising" and "Practising"

Attacking Angling Attaching Anticipating Adhering Adapting Applying Allowing Answeing Avoiding Analysing According Adding Activating Advancing Achieving "Affecting" the outcome with "amazing" capabilities

"Depending" upon judgements with "Chi-Sau-"ing" sensitivities

Bending Breaking Binding Barring Bearing Bouncing Bridging Bracing Bonding Backing Balancing Blocking Butting Building First one to be "Crossing" the line then will be the one to pay the fine

"Occupying" the centre makes it difficult for others to enter with a little added pressure makes it a whole lot neater Connecting Circling Centering Controlling Crossing Contacting Circulating Conditioning Coordinating Commiting Closing Capitalizing Chopping Creating Continuing Cracking Changing Centralizing Covering Comprising Cancelling Cutting Chasing Complimenting Casting Confusing Collapsing Checking Compromising Correcting Converging Countering Challenging Conforming "Closing" the "Gaps" "Holding" the lines

"Controlling" the "Bridging" Between enemy lines
Dragging Defending Deflecting Directing Disconnecting Dipping Drooping Dropping Dictating Dispersing Driving Disolving Dominating Deceiving Developing Demonstrating Doubling Distancing Disengaging Depending Differentiating Disrupting Drawing Drilling Deploying Dissecting Disposing "Doing" by "knowing" without sensitivity and "connecting" all "considering" is just theory without ever "mastering"

"Doing" by words alone without touch not really, experience the way with masters in reality Extending Exposing Entering Economising Exhausting Energizing Engaging Executing Exaggerating Elbowing Exploiting Exploring "Feeling" the "openings" "walking" the tracks, with eyes closed stay alert yet relaxed "Following" their lead without force or obstruction let them go where they want with out any disruption "Greeting" whoever to stick around, as "things" will get "interesting" when "meeting" the ground

"Relying" on touch going it alone "understanding" its opposite also needs a home
Flowing Focusing Facing Flanking Following Fencing Forcing Funneling Flexing Firing Flailing Feeding Footing Forwarding Functioning Filling Freeing Freezing Falling Framing Familiarising "Forging" ahead with precision and speed

"Going" backwards there is hardly the need

Guarding Gluing Grabbing Gliding Going Gambling Generating Giving Holding Hooking Hitting Halving Helping Intercepting Isolating Insisting Indicating Initiating Invading Involving Introducing Intruding Issuing Intending Intensifying Internalizing Interpreting Incoming Jamming Jerking "Knowing" "wording" that describe, some to adopt, some not.

"Knowing" the difference between the two you will need to do believe it or not.
Leading Listening Liquidising Leaking Laying Layering Lowering Leaning Learning Leveraging Leaving Minimizing Misleading Maximizing Maintaining Multitasking Manovering Meeting Motioning Moving Measuring Neutralizing Obstructing Overwhelming Opening Overlying Overlapping Overpowering Originating "Pulling" "Pushing" "Passing" "Making" moves count

"Keeping" the pressure on like from a water spout
Pivoting Pinning Pressing Pressuring Paralleling Protecting Palming Punching Powering Piercing Playing Pointing Positioning Pacifying Punching Penetrating Pausing Posing Pawing Patterning Paving Pressurising Progressing Predetermining Rising Referencing Rolling Relaxing Reducing Recoving Removing Remaining Receding Refining Releasing Reacting Reading Running Rushing Revolving Reversing Resisting Reinforcing Replacing Reaching Reusing Rooting Ruining Rotating Receding Recognising Reflecting Paralleling "Striking" targets "Steering" straight forward facing "transvestites" await

"Staying" focused "getting" around control the bridge control the ground.
Stepping Skimming Sensing Sticking Shooting Sliding Starting Setting Swapping Swallowing Slipping Structuring Sinking Stopping Spacing Seperating Sparring Seeking Smashing Springing Sequencing Sheering Standing Squeezing Swaying Simplifying Slapping Switching Shifting Seeing Stretching Supporting Subtracting Showing Shouldering Straightening Straining "Storming" the bridge while snoozing or sleeping, very fast or slowly creeping

"Springing" traps against those defending Collapses, persuading gently with sensitivitities dominating Touching Triangulating Tensing Timing Training Twisting Torquing Tightening Throwing Trying Trapping Taking Turning Tunneling Traversing Trading Threatening Threading Thrusting Transitioning "Tipping" the scales no matter the side

"Rolling" the wrists from side to side

Underpinning Using Upsetting Unifying Utilising Varying Voiding Visualizing Waiting Wasting Wedging Whipping "Yielding" dos and "Tieing" knots, "slipping" guards hope you are "taking" notes

This is part of a larger topic: The "ing" in Wing Chun Kung Fu
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