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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:37 pm    Post subject: Jyut-Ping-Terms-Pt-2-Wing-Chun-Way Reply with quote

Part 1 of this topic:

Part 3 of this topic
That involves learning how to speak Cantonese with the use of Jyut Ping, the Romanisation of Cantonese words with tone indicator numbers.

This is
Wing Chun vocabulary and being able to pronounce it in Cantonese for none native speakers, for most is beyond more than difficult.

Further more, Wing Chun terminology is not so easy to grasp as there is a vast amount of it to be found in this martial art system.

For each individual there will be different levels and needs towards understanding Wing Chun terminology.

Hopefully you will be able to return here from to to time to delve deeper meanings that pertaining to your practice.

The aim here is to go beyond the known limits of Wing Chun terminology, for purposes of understanding and using the profound aspects that have usually been glossed over or dismissed altogether.

This topic is a work in progress, therefore please forgive the obvious missing gaps of information that will be added at a later date.

As all of the Wing Chun terminology had to be found, needed to be changed and or converted in to juypting; this takes time which is an on going process.

This is by no means considered or implied to be the official Wing Chun terminology encyclopedia, as different branches have their own interpretations and concepts.

Therefore please use what you can at this moment as there is a lot more in the Wing Chun pipeline to be added here later.

Till eventual, all those that practice Wing Chun can access and use what has been put together here towards the betterment for each martial artist's journey.

After all...

Wing Chun way is your way...

English & Cantonese Combined With Expressions & Wing Chun Terminology:

The Wing Chun family has gone global as a martial art system, in doing so has expanded and become united by sharing its terminology and language.

I come from... = ngo5 lei4 zi6... (country of origin)
I live in... = ngo5 zyu6 hai6... (place)

Afghanistan = a3 fu3 hon4
Albania = a3 ji5 ba1 nei4 a3
Algeria = a3 ji5 kap6 lei6 a6
Argentina = aa3 gan1 ting4
Asia = aa3 zau1
Australia =ou3 zau1
Austria = ou3 dei6 lei6
Bahamas = ba1 ha1 ma5
Bahrain = ba1 lam4
Bangladesh = maang6 ga1 laai1
Barbados = ba1 ba1 do1 si1
Belgium = bei2 lei6 si4
Bolivia = bo1 lei6 wai4 a3
Beijing = bak1 ging1
Brazil = baa1 sai1
Brunei = man4 loi4
Bulgaria = bou2 ga1 lei6 a3
Cambodia = gaan2 bou3 zai6
Cameroon = haak3 mak6 lung4
Canada = gaa1 laa4 daai6
Chile = zi3 lei6
China = zung1 gwok3
Colombia = go1 leon4 bei2 aa3
Costa Rica = go1 si1 daat6 lai4 ga1
Croatia = hak1 lo4 dei6 a3
Cuba = gu2 ba1
Czech Republic = zit6 hak1
Denmark = daan1 mak6
Dominican Republic = do1 mai5 nei4 ga1
Ecuador = ak1 gwa1 do1 ji5
Egypt = aai1 kap6
England = jing1 gaak3 laan4 = jing1 gwok3
Ethiopia = aai1 coi3 ngo4 bei2 a3
Fiji = fei2
Finland = fan1 laan4
France = faat3 gwok3
Georgia = gaak3 lou5 gat1 a3
Germany = dak1 gwok3
Ghana = ga1 naap6
Greece = hei1 laap6
Guatemala = ngai4 dei6 ma5 laai1
Holland = ho4 laan1
Haiti = hoi2 dei6
Honduras = hung4 dou1 laai1 si1
Hong Kong = hoeng2 gong2
Hong Kong Island = hoeng1 gong2 dou2
Hungary = hung1 nga4 lei6
Iceland = bing1 dou2
India = jan3 dou6
Indonesia = jan3 nei4
Iran = ji1 long5
Iraq = ji1 laai1 hak1
Ireland = oi3 ji5 laan4
Israel = ji5 sik1 lit6
Italy = ji3 daai6 lei6
Ivory Coast = zoeng6 nga4 hoi2 ngon6
Jamaica = nga4 maai5 ga1
Japan = jat6 bun2
Jordan = joek3 daan3
Kenya = hang2 nei4 a3
London = leon4 deon1
North Korea = ciu4 sin1
South Korea = hon4 gwok3
Kuwait = fo1 wai1 dak6
Lao = lou5 gwo1
Lebanon = lai4 ba1 nyun6
Liberia = lei6 bei2 leoi5 a3
Libya = lei6 bei2 a3
Luxembourg = lou4 sam1 bou2
Macau = ou3 mun4
Malaysia = maa5 loi4 sai1 aa3
Maldives = ma5 ji5 doi6 fu1
Mexico = mak6 sai1 go1
Monaco = mo1 naap6 go1
Mongolia = mung4 gu2
Morocco = mo1 lok3 go1
Nepal = nei4 bok6 ji5
New Zealand = san1 sai1 laan4
Nicaragua = nei4 ga1 laai1 gwa1
Nigeria = nei4 jat6 lei6 a3
Norway = no4 wai1
Oman = a3 maan6
Pakistan = ba1 gei1 si1 taan2
Palestinian National Authority = ba1 lak6 si1 taan2
Panama = ba1 na4 ma5
Paraguay = ba1 laai1 gwai1
Paris = baa1 lai4
Peru = bei3 lou5
Philippines = fei1 leot6 ban1
Poland = bo1 laan4
Portugal = pou4 tou4 ngaa4
Puerto Rico = bo1 do1 lai4 gok3
Qatar = ka1 taao3 ji5
Romania = lo4 ma5 nei4 a3
Russia = ngo4 gwok3
Saigon = sai1 gung3
Saudi Arabia = sa1 dak6 a3 laai1 ba3
Scotland = sou1 gaak3 laan4
Serbia = co13 ji5 wai4 a3
Shanghai = san1 gaa3 bo1
Singapore = san1 ga1 bo1
Slovakia = si1 lok3 fat6 hak1
Slovenia = si1 lok3 man4 nei4 a3
South Africa = naam4 fei1
Spain = sai1 baan1 aa4
Sweden = seoi6 din2
Sri Lanka = si1 leoi5 laan4 ka1
Sudan = sou1 daan1
Sweden = seoi6 din2
Switzerland = seoi6 si6
Taiwan toi4 waan1
Thailand = taai3 gwok3
Tibet = sai1 cong4
Turkey = tou2 ji5 kei4
Uganda = wu1 gon3 daat6
Ukraine = wu1 hak1 laan4
United Arab Emirates = a3 laai1 ba3
United Kingdom = bat1 lit6 din1
United States = mei5 gwok3
Uruguay = wu1 laai1 gwai1
Venezuela = wai2 noi6 seoi6 laai1
Vietnam = jyut6 naam4
Wales = wai1 ji5 si6
Zimbabwe = zeon1 ba1 bou3 wai5

I = ngo5
To be called = giu3

I am... = ngo5 hai6 ... (name or nationality)
My name is... = ngo5 go3 meng2 hai6... ( name)

I'm... = ngo5 si6... (name)
I'm called ... = ngo5 giu3... (name)

I'm... (age) years old = ngo5... (age) seoi3
I'm a... (occupation) = ngo5 hai6... (occupation)

What job do you do? = lei5 zou6 me1 je5 gaa?

I'm a teacher = ngo5 hai6 jat1 ming4 lou5 si1
I'm a student = ngo5 hai6 jat1 ming4 hok6 saang1

I "ask" a question = ngo5 "man6" man6 tai4

"I" enjoy "learning" Cantonese = "ngo5" zing1 ji3 "hok6" gwong2 dung1 waa2

"I" speak "Cantonese" = "ngo5" gong2 "gwong2 dung1 waa2"

I "learn" Wing Chun = ngo5 "hok6" wing6 ceon1

Yes = hai6
Yes you are right / right = ngaam1
Correct = jin4
Okay? / Right? = le4 le5

Yes / No = aa3?
question marker

It's okay = hou2 dik1
It's alright, I'm okay = m4 gan2 jiu1, ngo5 mou4 si6

No = m4 hai6
No = bat1
No thank you = mou4 m4 goi1
No problem = mut6 man6 tai4
Wrong = co3

I'm sorry = m4 hou2 ji3 si1
I'm sorry (sympathy) = hou2 deoi3 m4 zyu6
I'm fine thank you = ngo5 hou2 hou2 jau5 sam1
I'm fine too = ngo5 dou1 gei2 hou2
I'm very good = ngo5 hou2 hou2

I'm good = ngo5 han2 hou2
I'm not bad/pretty good = ngo5 gei2 hou2

I'm okay = ngo5 OK laa1
I'm feeling bad = ngo5 cing4 seoi5 hou2 caa1
I'm sorry = deoi3 bat1 hei2

I'm at home = ngo5 hei2 nguk1 kei5
I'm at work = ngo5 faan2 gan2 gung1
I'm lost = ngo5 dong6 sat1 lou6 zo2
I'm sleepy = ngo5 hou2 ngaan5 fan3

What's your name? = nei5 giu3 me1 meng2?
What are you doing now? = nei5 ji1 ga1 zou6 gan2 ne6?

This is my first time here = ngo5 dai6 jat1 ci3 lai4 nei4 dou6
Nice to meet you = hou2 gou1 hing3 jing6 sik1 nei5
Long time no see = hou2 noi6 mou5 gin3 (informal)

Thank you/please/excuse me = m4 goi1
Thank you very much = m4 goi1 saai3
(Being polite, used before asking for directions/requests or after services rendered)

Thank you = do1 ze6
Thank you very much = do1 ze6 saai3
(Thanking someone regarding gifts)

Thank you for asking/caring = do1 ze6 gwaan1 sam1

You're welcome = m4 sai2 haam3 hei2 (don't mention it)

Please = cing2
Please forgive me = cing2 jyun4 loeng6
Please say that again? = m4 goi1 zoi3 gong2 do1 ci3
Please speak more slowly = ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 gong2 maan6

Can I help you? = ngo5 ho2 ji5 bong1 sau2 maa1?
Can you speak slowly? = nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 gong2 maan6 di1?
Can you speak English? = nei5 sik1 m4 sik1 gong2 jing1 man4?

Do you speak English? = nei5 ho2 ji5 gong2 jing1 man4 maa1?
Do you understand? = nei5 ming4 m4 ming4 aa1?

Do you live here? = nei5 zyu6 hai6 dou6?
Do you like it here? = nei5 zung1 m4 zung1 ji3 nei4 dou6?

Does anyone here speak English? = nei4 dou6 jau6 mou5 jan4 sik1 gong2 jing1 man4?

I want to learn English = ngo5 soeng2 hok6 jing1 man4
I understand = ngo5 ming4 baak6
I don't understand = ngo5 m4 ming4 baak6

I see = ngo5 ming4 baak6 liu5
I don't know = ngo5 m4 zi1
I like it = ngo5 hei2 fun1
I don't like it = ngo5 bat1 hei2 fun1
I love it here = ngo5 zung1 ji3 nei4 dou6

I did not do it = ngo5 mou5 zou6 gwo3
I apologise = deoi3 m4 zyu6

Hello/hey = wai3 (when answering the telephone)
Hello = haa1 lo3
Hello everyone = daai6 gaa1 hou2
Hello Kitty = gat1 dai3 hou6

How are you? = nei5 hou2 maa3
How are you lately? = nei5 zeoi3 gan6 dim2 aa3 (What's up?)
How old are you? nei5 gei2 do1 seoi3?
How about you? = nei5 ne1?
How do you pronounce this? = nei5 dim2 duk6 nei4 go3?

Excuse me = ze3 ze3
when trying to get through

Excuse me = bat1 hou2 ji3 si1
Help = gau3 meng6
Would you please help me? = m4 goi1 nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 bong1 haa6 ngo5?
Let me help you? = dang2 o5 bong1 lei5 sau2

Who? = bin1 go3?

Which? = bin1 joeng6?

Why? = dim2 gaai2?
Why not? = dim2 m4 hou2?

How much? = gei2 cin4?
How many? = gei2 do1?

What? = me1?
What is it? = ni1 go3 hai6 me1?
What is this? = ne1 go3 hai6 mat1 je5 lai4 gaa2?
What is that? = go2 go3 hai6 mat1 je5 lai4 gaa2
What does this mean? = gam3 hai6 me1 ji3 si1?
What do you mean? = lei5 hai6 me1 ji3 si1 aa3?
What did you say? = me1 waa2?
What did you just say? = lei5 tau4 sin1 gong2 mat1 je5 aa3?

What do you do for a living? = nei5 zou6 me1 gung1 gaa2?
What have you been up to? = nei5 zeoi3 gan6 zong6 gan2 jat1 je5 aa?
What is your phone number? = nei5 gei2 do1 hou6 din6 waa2?

May I use your phone? = ngo5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 jung6 nei5 bou6 din6 wa6?

Where? = bin1 dou6?
Where are you? = nei5 hai2 bin1 dou6?
Where are you going? = nei5 heoi3 bin1 a1?
Where do you live? = nei5 zyu6 hai2 bin1?
Where do you work? = lei5 hai2 bin1 dou6 faan1 gung1 aa3?
Where is the washroom? = ci3 so2 hai2 bing1?
Where did you learn Cantonese? = nei5 hai2 bin1 dou6 hok6 gwong2 dung1 waa2?

Want = jiu3

How much ...? = gei2 do1?

Money = chin4 / chin2

When? = gei2 si4?
When is your birthday? = nei5 gei2 si1 saang1 jat6?

This = nei go3
That = go5 go3
These = D nei4 di1
Those = D go2 di1

He / She = keoi5

Fine = han2 hou2
Okay = hou2 dik1
Stop = ting4 a1
Not bad = m4 co3
Not well = m4 hou2
Good =zou2
Very good = hou2 hou2
Awesome = hou2 gik6 liu5
Really = zan1 dik1 maa1
Just kidding = gong2 siu3 ze2
Is that so = lo3 ho2
Don't worry = bit3 daam1 sam1
Congratulations! = gung1 hei2!
My goodness! = bai6 laak3!
Great job = zou6 dak1 hou2
Cheers = gon1 bui1
Keep in touch = bou2 ci4 lyun4 lok3
Friend = pang4 jau5
Beautiful = piu3 loeng6
Cute = ho2 oi3

Lately = zeoi3 gan6

Like = zung1 ji3
Don't like = m4 zung1 ji3

E-mail = din6 zi2 jau4 gin2
WiFi = Y5 = waai3 faai3

Take care = ziu3 gu3 zi6 gei2
Take care of yourself = nei5 zi6 gei2 siu2 sam1 di1

Have a good weekend = zau1 mut6 jyu4 faai3
Have a nice day = gam1 jat6 wun6 dak1 hoi1 sam1 d
Have a good trip = leoi5 tou4 faai3
Have a safe journey = jat1 lou6 ping4 on1
Have to go = zau2 sin1 laa (gotta go)

Have you ever been to Hong Kong? = nei5 jau5 mou5 heoi3 gwo3 hoeng1 gong2?

Have you eaten yet? = sik6 zo2 faan6 mei6 aa3? (general greeting)
To answer "yes" = sik6 zo2
To answer "not yet" = mei6 sik6

Be careful = siu2 sam1

Are you sure? = nei5 hang2 ding6?
Are you confident? = nei5 jau6 mou5 san1 sam1?

And you? = gam2 nei5 le1? (formal)

See you later = ci4 di1 gin3
See you soon = zoi3 gin3
See you tomorrow = ting3 jat6 gin3

Good bye = baai1 baai6
Good luck = zuk1 hou2 wan6
Good morning = zau2 san4 (greetings before noon)
Good afternoon = ng5 on1
Good evening = maan5 on1
Good night = zau2 tau2 (before going to sleep)
Good night, sweet dreams = zou2 dau2, faat3 go3 hou2 mung6

You are pretty = nei5 hou2 leng3 nei5
You are handsome = nei5 hou2 leng3 zai2
You are smart = nei5 hou2 lek1
You have good taste = nei5 ho2 jau5 ban2 mei6
You look gorgeous = nei5 hou2 leng3
You are an awesome friend = nei5 hai6 jat1 go3 hou2 hou2 ge3 pang4 jau5

Your smile is beautiful = nei5 ge3 siu3 jung4 hou2 leng3
Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside = nei5 ge3 noi6 zoi6 mei5 zung6 leng3 gwo3 nei5 ge3 ngoi6 zoi6 mei5

May you be safe wherever you go = ceot1 jap6 ping4 on1

Anatomy & Body Parts:

Body Parts - san1 bou6 ban1
Whole Body - zau1 san1

Abdomen - fuk1 bou6
Adam's apple - hau4 git3
Ankle - goek3 zaang1 / geuk3 jaang1
Arm - sau2 bei3 / sau gwaa2
Arm upper part - sau2 bei3
Arm upper / shoulder - bong2
Armpit waist area - siu2 jim2
Artery - dung6 mak6
Back - bui3 zik3 tung3 / hau6 min6
Belly - tou5 / to4 laam4
Belly button - tou5 ci4
Beard - wu1 siu3 / wu4 zi2
Blood - hyut3 jik6
Body - san1 tai2
Bum - tyun4 bou6
Brain - daai6 nou5 / yan4 nou5
Breast - jyu5 fong4
Cheek - min6 zyu1
Chest - hung1 bou6 / sam1 hau2
Chin - ha6 ba1
Ear - ji5 / yi4 jai2
Ear inner - noi6 ji5
Elbow - sau2 sau2 / sau1 zaang1 /sau2 joang1
Eye - ngaan5
Eyeball - ngaan4 jai2
Eye pupil - zing1
Eyebrow - ngaan4
Eyelash - ngaan4 zit6 mou4
Face - lim5
Finger - sau2 zi2 / sau2 ji2
Finger pinky - sau2 ji2 mei1 / mei5 zi2
Finger middle - zung1 zi2
Finger ring - mou4 ming4 zi2
Finger nail - sau2 ji2 gaap3
Finger index - sik6 zi2
Foot / Feet - Zuk1 / goek3 / geuk3 baan2
Forehead - ngaak6 tau4
Forearm - chin6 bei3
Fist - kuen6 tau6
Groin - fuk1 gu2 kau1
Gums of teeth - ngan4
Hair on head- tau4 faat3
Heart - sam1 zong6
Head - tau4 bou6
Hips - gu2 / fun1 gwaan1 zit3
Instep - goek3 min6
Joint - gaau3 haau1
Knee - sat1 tau6 goh1 / sat1 tau4
Knuckle - zi1 gwaan1 zit3
Kidneys - san6 san5
Leg - goek3 / geuk3 / teoi2
Lips - zeoi2 seon4
Liver - gon1
Lung - fai3
Mouth - hau2
Muscle - gei1 juk6
Nail - zi2 gaap3
Neck - geng2 bou6
Nose - bei6
Nostril - bei6 go1 lung4
Palm - sau2 zoeng2 / sau baan2
Pectoral muscles- hung1 gei1
Ribs - paai4 gwat / peng1 gwat1
Shoulder - bok3 tau4
Shin - ngoi6 siu2 teoi2
Skin - pei4 fu1
Skull - tau4 hok3
Spine - zek3
Stomach - wai6
Temple - wan4 zeng1
Thigh - daai6 teoi2 / daai6 bei2
Throat - hau4 lung4 / hau6 lung6
Thumb - sau2 ji2 gon2
Toe - goek3 zi2
Tongue - lei6 / lei5
Tooth / Teeth - nga4 ci2
Waist - jiu1 / yiu1
Wrist - wun2 / sau2 woon2

Exercises Training Fitness Injuries

Pull A Muscle = laai1 soeng1
Training = fan3 lin6
Exercise, To Train, To Drill, To Practice = lin6
A Coach, To Coach = gaau3 lin6
To Keep Fit = gin6 san1
To Be Out Of Practice = fong1 so1
To Warm Up = nuyn5 san1
To Put In To Practice What Has Been Learned = hok6 ji5 zi3 jung6
Practice Makes Perfect = suk6 nang4 sang1 haau2
Wisdom Comes From Experience = ging1 jat1 si6 zoeng2 jat1 zi3
Squat = deon1 cyun4
Jumping Jacks = hoi1 hap6 tiu3
Jump = tiu3
Jumping = daan6 daan2 tiu3
Lean Forward = gat6 hei2 san1
Side Splits = daai6 zi6 maa5

Feelings & Emotions:

Angry = nau1
Anxious = bat1 on1
Bored = mun6
Calm = laang5 zing6
Cry = haam3
Discouraged = fui1 sam1
Embarrassed = lo3
Energetic = zing1 san4
Excited = hing1 fan1
Fear = hoi6 paa3
Frightened = geng1
Happy = hoi1 sam1
Guilty = ngaau4
Heartbroken = sam1 tung3
Hurt = soeng1 sam1
Laugh = siu3
Lonely = zik6 mok6
Love = oi3
Miserable = cai1 loeng4
Nervous = gan2 zoeng1
Proud = zi6 hou4
Relaxed = fong3 sung1
Sad = soeng1 sam1
Satisfied = mun5 ji3
Scared = hoi6 paa3
Shocked = ging1 ngaa6
Surprised = ging1 hei2
Sleepy = ngaan5 fan3
Tired = gui6
Unsatisfied = bat1 mun5 ji3
Upset = sam1 faan4 ji3 lyun6
Worried = daam1 sam1
Wretched = hou2 caam1
m4 = not. Example: not angry = m4 nau1


Sashes are awarded to students as they progress in Wing Chun, however each organisation has their own individual colour ranking system:

Colour = ngaan4 sik1
White = baak6 sik1
Yellow = wong4 sik1
Orange = caang4 sik1
Red = hung sik1
Green = luk6 sik1
Blue = laam4 sik1
Purple = zi2 sik1
Brown = fe1 sik1
Black = haak1 sik1
Grey = fui1 sik1
Beige = mai5 sik1
Pink = fan2 hung4 sik1
Peach = tou4 sik1
Indigo = laam4 din6
Silver = ngan2
Gold = gam1 sik1

Useful Common Commands Requests Actions And Descriptions:

Art = seot6
Athlete = wan6 dung6 jyun4
Attend = ceot1 zik6
Believe = soeng1 seon3
Bridge = kiu4
Can = nang4
Competition = ging3 coi3
Do = zou6
English = jing1 jyu5
Exercise = wan6 dung6
Enter = jap6
Explain = gaai2 sik1
Excessive = gwo3 fan6
Festival = zit3 jat6
Feel = gam2 gok3
Find = zaau2
Floor = dei6
Hear = teng1
Help = bong1
Joke = hoi1 wun6 siu3
Language = jyu5 jin4
Learn = hok6
Lesson = fo3
Lecture = fan3
Make = zou6
Method = faat3
Miss = co3 gwo3
Need = seoi1 jiu3
Plan = gai3 waak6
Promotion = zeong3 sing1
Put = fong3
Question = man6 tai4
Read = duk6
Receive = sau1
Respect = zyun1 zung6
Repeat = cung4 fook1
Return = wui4 gaa1
Round = jyun4
Say = syut3
Search = sau2 cam4
See = hon3
Shower = muk6 juk6
Stand = zaam6
Study = duk6 syu1
Square = fong1
Talk = syut3
Thank = gam2 ze6
Tradition = cyun4 tung2
Translate = faan1 jik6
Use = jung6
Wash = sai2
Wall = coeng4
Wait = dang2
Watch = wun2 biu1

Who = seoi4
What = sam6 mo1
When = ho4 si4
Where = naa5 leoi5
Why = wai6 sam6 mo1
How = do1 siu2

Amazing = ging1 kei4
Aching = tung3
Air Conditioning = laang5 hei3
Annoying = ho2 hei3
Beginning = san1
Banking = gam1 jung4
Boasting = paa3
Booing = hoe1 seng1
Bewitching = jiu2 jiu1
Captivating = jin1
Challenging = tiu1 zin3 sing3
Cunning = gaau2
Charming = fung1
Dazzling = jau5 seng1 jau5 sik1
Declining = teoi1
Disgusting = juk6 ma2
Disapproving = ce1
Daring = gam2
Darling = bou2 bui3
Dwelling = zaak6 zaak2
Depending = bat1 dang2
Embarrassing = sat1 lai5 sei2 jan4
Everything = si6 si6
Excluding = ceoi4 liu5
Flowing = biu1
Folding = zip3
Forgiving = daai6 loeng6
Feeling = gam2 gok3
Funding = zi1 gam1
Frightening = hung1 ok3
Flourishing = coeng1 sing6
Glowing = wun6
Hardworking = nou5 lik6
Interesting = jau5 ceoi3
Infuriating = fo2 gwan2
Irritating = jip3 jim1
Limping = bai1 bo2
Learning = zi1 sik1
Mourning = haau3
Matching = can3
Meeting = wui6 hap6
Nothing = mou5 je5
Nitpicking = gaan2 zaak6
Outstanding = coek3 jyut6
Obliging = ceoi1 wo4
Overbearing = baa3 dou6
Penetrating = pik1
Preceding = cin4 jat1
Painstaking = zing1 sam1
Parenting = juk6 ji4
Positioning = ding6 wai6
Raining = lok6 jyu5
Remaining = kit3
Regarding = gwaan1 jyu1
Refreshing = loeng4 faai3
Suffering = tung3 fu2
Swelling = jung2
Sickening = ok3
Spinning = syun4
Starving = gei1
Slanting = ce4 ce3
Supposing = tong2
Stifling = mun6
Snowing = lok6 syut3
Stuffing = haam6 ji4
Shocking = bat1 zoeng6 waa2
Sightseeing = jau4 laam5
Trying = gaan1
Terrifying = ho2 paa3
Towering = cuk1
Thinking = si1 si3 soi1
Training = fan3
Thriving = mau6 sing6
Timing = si4 gei1
Yawning = daa2 ho1 him3
Yielding = jau4
Warning = siu2 sam1
Winding = jyun2
Warming up = jit6 san1

Chinese Studies = hon3 hok6
Chinese Language = zung1 man4 2
Chinese Person People = zung1 gwok3 jan4
Chinese New Year = nung4 lik6 san1 nin4
Chinese Character = hon3 zi6
Chinese Spoken Language = waa4 jyu5
Chinese Opera = daai6 hei3
Chinese Food = zung1 caan1
Chinese Person = tong4 jan4
Chinese Culture = zung1 gwok3 man4 faa3
Chinese Traditional Medicine = cyun4 tung2 zung1 gwok3 ji1 joek6
Chinese And British = zung1 jing1
Chinese And Western Sino Western = zung1 sai1
Chinese Martial Arts Society = zung1 gwok3 mou5 seot6 hok6 wui2
Chinese Numbers = zung1 man4 sou3 zi6
Chinese Writing Brush = leot6 wat6
Chinese Youngsters Born Overseas = hoeng1 ziu1 zai2
Chinese Martial Arts = gwok3 seot6

China = zung1 gwok3
Chinatown = tong4 jan4 gaai1
China Hong Kong Taiwan = zung1 gong2 toi4

Non Chinese person = lou5 faan1

Art Of War Military Tactics And Stratergies = bing1 faat3
Sun Tzu's The Art Of War = syun1 zi2 bing1 faat3
A Book On The Art Of War = bing1 syu1

Shaolin = siu3 lam4
Shaolin Temple = siu3 lam4 zi6
Shaolin Martial Arts = siu3 lam4 kyun4

Monastery For Monks = wo4 soeng6 zi6
Religious Kung Fu School = mun4 paai3
Che Kung Temple = ce1 gung1 miu6
To Practice Zen Buddhist Meditation = caam1 sim4

Buddhism = fat6 gaau3
Taoism = dou6 gaau3
Confucius = hung2 fu1 zi2
Pak Mei, Bai Mei, White EybrowS = baak6 mei4 dou6 jan4
Pak Mei Kung Fu = baak6 mei4 kyun4
Temple = miu2
Priest = muk6 si1
Ceremony = ji4 sik1
Ancestor, Clan, Sect = zung1

School = paai3
School Rules = mun4 kwai1
School Of Thought = hook6 paa3
School Work Exercises = zaap6 tai4
School Spirit = haau6 fung1
School Time Table = fo3 cing4 biu2
School Uniform = haau6 fuk6
School Song = haau6 go1

To Run A School = baan6 hok6
To Enrol In School = jap6 hok6
To Pay Tuition Fees = gaau1 hok6 fai3
To Miss Class = kyut3 fo3
To Study = nim6 syu1

Founder Of A School = zou2 si
Old Style School = bok1 bok1 zaai1
Private School Held At Home = syu1 gun2
Change School = zyub3 haau6
Exercise Practice = dyun3 lin6
Does Not Apply Ones Mind To School Lessons = bat1 soeng5 sam1 nim6 syu1
An Unscrupulous School Only Interested In Making Money = gwaat3 lung4 zung1 hok6

Internal Martial Art Styles = noi6 gaa1 kyun4
External Martial Art Styles = ngoi3 gaa1 kyun4

To Practice Martial Arts = daa2 gung1 fu1
To Practice Traditional Martial Arts = jin2 mou5
To Have Studied martial Arts = sik6 gwo3 ye6 zuk1

A Great Master In Martial Arts = jat1 doi6 zung1 si1
A Martial Artist = zaap6 mou5 zi1 jan4

Skill Level = gung1 lik6
Skilled Martial Artist = mou5 gung1 gou1 koeng4
Practice Or Train In Martial Arts = zaap6 mou5
An Intellectual And A Martial Artist = wan5 man4 wan5 mou5
Patriarch Of A Martial Art Sect, Leader = zoeng2 mun4 jan4

Think Of Yourself As Being Smart = zi6 zok3 cing1 ming4
Not Smart = ngau4 pei4 dang1 lung4
Mediocre In Skill Or Knowledge = saam1 baan2 fu2
Quick Witted Smart = zyun2 sou3 faai3
Think Or Study = nim6
Clever = zing1 lin1
Smart = ting5 paang5 dik1

Articulate = biu2 seot6
Explain The Profound In Simple Terms = sam1 jap6 cin2 ceot1
Learn By Heart = bui6 suk6
Set A Time Limit = hak1 haak1
Lost Knowledge = zyut6 hok6
Simple And Honest = wan4 hau5
Peaceful = ping4 peng4

Will To Fight = dau3 zi3
Challenge = lin2 lin5
One On One Fight = zek3 cau1
A Gang Fight = Kwan4 cau1
Win A Battle = daa2 sing3 zoeng
Pick A Fight = lau3 daa2
Get In To A Fist Fight = daai6 daa2 ceot1 sau2
Died In The Line Of Duty = seon1 zik1

Fighting Method = kyun4 faat3
Fighting Art = kyun4 seot6
Flowery Ineffective Method Of Fighting = faa1 kyun4

Fight Feud = jik1
Fight Hard = ou1 ngou4
Fight Contest = dau3 / gong2 sau2
Fight To Exchange Blows = daa2 gaau1
Fight A Battle All Alone = gu1 gwan1 zok3 zin3
Fight Back Fiercely When Cornered = fu6 jyu4 waan4 kong3

To Fight = daa2 gaa3
To Fight For = zang1 ceoi2
To Fight Over = zang1 dyut6
To Fight With = deoi3 ham6
To Fight Bravely = fan5 zin3
To Fight Fiercely = gik1 zin3
To Fight Back = wui4 gik1
To Fight Hand To Hand = gaa1 sau2
To Fight Crime = mit6 zeoi6
To Fight In Boxing = daa2 kyun4
To Fight And Bite Each Other = dau3 ngaau5
To Fight For The Weak And Mistreated = lou6 gin3 bat1 ping4 bat6 dou1

To Start A Fight = dung6 sau2
To Lose A Fight = daa2 baai6 zoeng3
To Go To War = daa2 zoeng3
To Wage War = gaau1 zin3
To Compete For A Championship = jat1 kyut3 ci1 hung4

To Be Reckless In A Fight = jau5 cin4 mou5 hau6
To Be Eager For A Fight = mo1 kyun4 caat3 zoeng2
To Be Caught In A Trap Hit By Someone = zung3 ziu1
To Be Unable To Move = juk1 bat1 dak1 kei4
To Be Expelled From A Martial Art School = zuk6 ceot1 si1 mun4

To Die And Fight For Ones Country = gyun1 keoi1 bou3 gwok3
To Win A Fight Due To An Unfair Advantage = sing3 zi1 bat1 mou5
To Make A Move = geoi2 dung6
To Shift To Transfer = zyun2 ji4
To Begin to Move = hoi1 hang4
To Hesitate About Which Move To Make = geoi2 kei4 bat1 ding6
To Walk Away From = zau2 ceot1
To Panic At The Slightest Move = fung1 sing1 hok6 leoi6
To Not Flinch From Any Dangerous Task = fu6 tong1 dou6 fo2

To Take A Wrong Step Miscalculate = kei4 caa1 jat1 zoek6
To Take A Reckless Move When In Danger = ting5 ji4 zau2 him2
To Not Find A Way Out = tai2 m4 hoi1

To Break Into A Run Escape = bat6 teoi2
To Beat Smash Throw = dam2
To Beat To Swing = fang4 fing6

To Attack = juk1 sau2
To Attack A Pressure Point = dim2 jyut6
To Attack As A Means Of Defence = ji5 gung1 wai4 sau2
To Attack Verbally = ping1 gik1

To Retreat = tan3 teoi3
To Feign An Opening = maai6 po3 zaan6
To Challenge = tek3 gun2
To Have A Fight With Knives = hoi1 pin3

To Move = juk1
To Move In = tan3 jap6
To Move Out = tan3 ceot1
To Move Ones Feet Out The Way = suk1 goek3
To Move About = juk1 dun6
To Move Struggling = juk1 lai4 juk1 heoi3
To Move Randomly = lyun6 dung6
To Move In And Out Very Quickly = gwai2 ceot1 din6 jap6
To Move In A Circle = dau1 hyun1
To Move Far Away From = jyun5 lei4
To Move Around Outflank = baau1 caau1
To Move Remove = bun1 ji4
To Move In Cycles Repeating Cycles = zau1 ji4 fuk6 ci1

Move = dung6
Move In To = jap6 zyu6
Move Back Bow Out = teoi3
Moving Unsteadily = pun4 saan1
Wise Move Masterstroke = gou1 ziu1
Ultimate Attack Finishing Move = zyut6 ziu1
Strategic Physical Movements = ziu1 sau3
Always Moving = piu1 fat1
Don't Move = m4 hou2 juk1
One Stroke In One Move = jat1 geoi2
Step Move Measure = bou6 zau6

Surprise Attack = zaap6 gik1 / dat6 zaap6
Obtain Victory Trough A Surprise Attack = ceot1 kei4 zai3 sing3

Ad lib = baau3 tou5
Overcautious = cin4 gu3 hau6
Countermeasure = caak3
Cumbersome = zung2
Retreat = koek3 = tan3 teoi3
Barely Escaped Death = zap1 faan1 tiu4 meng6
Showing Determination = po3 fu2 cam4 zau1
Self Restraint = sau1 lim5
Coming Back For More = sik6 gwo3 faan1 cam4 mei6
Skill = jat1 gei6 zi1 coeng4

Martial Art Skill = mou5 gei6
Martial Art Club = mou5 gun2

Martial Arts = mou5 seut9
Martial Law = gwan1 faa3

Military Rule = gaai3 jim4 ling6
Military Order = gwan1 ling6

Turning to and learning (just a few Cantonese expressions) from our Gung Fu brothers and sisters in the movies:

Prepare, get ready =

Hong Kong =

Your welcome =

Pretty good =

One day =

Friend =

Please =

Thank you =

Incorrect =

Happy =

Fun =

Method =

Calm =

Best =

Telephone =

Finally, at last =

To continue =

Excuse me =

Strange, odd =

I love you =

Many thanks =

Martial Arts & The Movies:

The Kung Fu Fever period during the 1970s = gung1 fu1 jit6

Play Kung Fu = saa2 gung1 fu1

Martial Art Movies = mou5 daa3 plan4 / gung1 fu1 pin2

Hollywood = ho4 lei5 wut6 (loan word)

Shannon and Linda Lee, acceptance award speech (in Cantonese) for Bruce Lee:

The Big Boss = tong4 saan1 daai6 hing1
Fist Of Fury = zing1 mou5 mun4
Enter The Dragon = lung4 zaang1 fu2 dau3
Game Of Death = sei2 mong4 jau4 hei3

Bruce Lee explaining about movies in Cantonese with English subtitles:

Martial Art Movie Stars = daa2 sing1

Bruce Lee:
Lee Jun Fan = lei5 zan3 faan4
Little Dragon = lei5 siu2 lung4

Jackie Chan = sing4 lung4

Jet Li = lei5 lin4 git6

Angela Mao = Ying maau4 jing1

Fighting Choreographer = mou5 seut6 zi2 dou6

Stage Name = ngai6 meng2

How To Watch A Kung Fu Movie

Martial Art Styles And Systems:

Jeet kune Do = zik6 kyun4 dou6
Taekwondo = toi4 kyun4 dou6
Judo = jau4 dou6
MMA = mou5 seot6
Jujitsu = jau4 seot6
Taijiquan = taai3 gik6 kyun4
Kendo = gim3 dou6
Wrestling = seot1 gok3
Yoga = jyu4 gaa1

Southern Fist= naam4 kyun4

Dog Fist = gau2 kyun4

Buddha's Palm = fat6 sau2

Eagle Claw = jing1 zaau2 paai3

Monkey Fist = hau4 kyun4

Karate = hung1 sau2 dou6
Karate Sparring = zi6 jau4 bok3 gik1

Boxing = daa2 kyun2 / buk1 sing2 / kyun4 seot6
Boxing Ring = leoi4
Boxing Stage = leoi4 toi4
Boxing Form = Kyun4 tou3
Shadow Boxing = taai3 gik6
To Box = daa2 bok1 sing2
Western Boxing = sai1 joeng4 kyun4
Thai Boxing = tai4 guo2 quan2
Various Forms Of Boxing = kyun4

Shuriken = sau2 leoi5 gim3
AKA throwing stars

Jyutping References Translations And Credits for this topic

Han trainer

On line Cantonese dictioary

Learn Cantonese

Cantonese class 101

Wing chun elements




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