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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 3:35 pm    Post subject: Jyut-Ping-Terms-Pt-3-Wing-Chun-Way Reply with quote


Part 2

Wing Chun = Beautiful Springtime
Yongchun = Singing Spring Fist

This is
Part 3
Dedicated To All That Have Embraced The Spirit Of Wing Chun.

Introduction To Wing Chun Terminology In English.

Translated In To Cantonese (with Jyut Ping tone indicator numbers)

Additional Terminology Video Links Provided For Further Information When Possible.

This Is A Work In Progress Project With Additional Terminology Being Added On A Regular Basis.

The diversity of Wing Chun spreads wide and far, as some will emphasise with sensitivities while others preferring a warrior standpoint.

Whilst kicking can be used by all it is however a lot less utilised by some that preferably use more hand techniques.

There is no standardised Wing Chun, for terminology and concept purposes included here, there is far more than most will ever need.

Having created and added some of my own concepts here in, to inspire others to do the same, this keeps Wing Chun, moving forward, to being viable in the present.

Wing Chun being concept based is not restricted towards only using traditional methods and techniques, as for many, this is a base system that can be expanded upon.

As many people have backgrounds in many other disciplines before learning Wing Chun.

As well as those that started with Wing Chun and add other systems to their advantage also to enrich their knowledge and skill base.

As with the use of Wing Chun concepts, it is defined enough to know where it starts and ends, where appropriately adding another system can contrast differences and enable recognising other systems strengths and weaknesses is very important.

Wing Chun is limit less, considering it's terminology, therefore to list everything is impossible.

However having some kind of ideas of what this fighting system is about will indeed be helpful towards answering some basic questions and ideas you may have.

Individually towards becoming effective in this system you might find yourself in a Wing Chun terminology crisis, this is due to the concepts that take different forms and directions than other systems use, as a back kick in Wing Chun is a kick coming from the rear leg.

For example one hand movement, could have many different names, due to the intent of the move can have many different characteristics or connotations attached to it.

Having epiphanies about Wing Chun terminology and applications do eventually make sense over time, as it will become apparent that techniques share the same name attributes with hands, knees, legs and elbows.

As more and more Wing Chun enthusiast and teachers are opening up and sharing their knowledge publicly the easier it will be for those that practice in this system.

In time it makes more sense to become Wing Chun than to just learn it, whereby it becomes a part of each individual's nervous system just as words have for each individual.

As every day there will always be something new to learn about Wing Chun.

Wishing you the very best on your Wing Chun journey and now you have something special to read on

Birthplace Of Wing Chun
Foshan = fat6 saan1
AKA Fatshan = Buddha Mountain

Wing Chun Fist = wing6 ceon1 kyun4
A Southern Kung Fu System Of Martial Arts

Wing Chun Boxing = wing6 ceon1 kyun4
AKA, Spring Chant, Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun

Wing Chun Traditional Code Of Conduct = wing6 ceon1 zou2 fan3

System Of Fighting Without Weapons = kyun4 faat3

Skill, Art, Labour, Effort = Kung Fu = gung1 fu1

This Is Wing Chun pt1

This is Wing Chun pt2

Wing Chun 10 Basic Concepts = sap6 wing6 ceon1 faat3

The Five Elements

Represents The Five Elements = ng5 hang4

The Elements = fung1 jyu5

The Natural Elements = sei3 hong4

Wing Chun; The Five Elements:
Metal = gam1
Wood = muk6
Water = seoi2
Fire = fo2
Earth = tou2


Wing Chun is a Yin Yang fighting system

The Yin Yang School = jam1 joeng4 gaa1
The school of positive and negative forces, in the time of the warring states 475 221 BC

Yin = jam1
Female, Soft, Quite, Dark Ect

Yang = joeng4
Male, Hard, Loud, Bright, Etc

Positive = jing3, jik1 gik5
Negative = siu1 gik5

Dark Colour = sam1 sik1
Light Colour = chin2 sik1

Dark = sam1
Light = cin2

Protruding = dak5
Flat = ping6
Depressed = lap1

Full = moon4
Empty = hung1

Bright = gwong1
Dim = am3

Inside = noi6
Outside = ngoi6

Hard = ngaang6 / mat6 / gong1
Soft = jyun5

Right = jau6
Left = zo2

Behind = hau6 min6
Front = cin4 min4

Big = daai6 / gwong2 fut3
Small = sai3

Many, Much = doh1
A Few, = siu2
A Little = siu2 siu2
little = ho2 siu2

Useful = yau4 yung5
Useless = mo4 yung5

Sufficient = gau3
Deficient = m6 gau3

Thick = hau4 / git5
Thin = bok5 / hei1

Dry = gon1
wet = sap1

Fragrant = heung1
Stinky = chau3

Tasty = ho2 sik5
Unpalatable = laan6 sik5

Fast = faai3
Slow = maan5

Tidy = jing2 chai6
Messy = luen5

Clean = gon1 jeng5
Dirty = woo1 jo1

Good = ho2
Bad = m6 ho2 / yaai5 / sui1

Correct = zing3 kok3
Incorrect = co3 ng6

True = zan1
False = co3

Down = haa6
Up = soeng6

Lose = syu1
Win = jeng4

Heavy = cung5
Light = cin2

Narrow = zaak3
Wide = fut3

Long = coeng4
Short = dyun2

Tall = go1
Short = ngai2

Fat = fei6
Skinny = sau3

Smooth = waat5
Rough = cho1 /cou1 cou3

Come = loi4
Go = heoi3

Happy = hoi1 sam1,
Sad = chaam2 / m6 hoi1

Hot = yit5
Warm = luen4
Cold = don3

Noisy = cho6
Quite = jing5

Capable = lek1
Incapable = ja2 / fai3 / mo4 yung5 / si2

Beautiful = leng3
Ugly = chau2 yeung2

Smart = sing2
Dumb = chun2 / dun5 / ban5 / soh6

Strong = jong3 / keung6 / ging5
Weak = yeuk5 / ja1

Low = dai1
High = gou1

Relax = fong3 sung1
Rest = jau1 sik1
Work = gung1 zok3

Here = ze2 leoi5
There = naa5 leoi5

Give = kap1
Take = naa4

Wing Chun Yin Yang = wing6 ceon1 jam1 joeng4
Harmonious opposite pairs that are constantly changing

Wing Chun Yang Hand = wing6 ceon1 sau2 joeng4

Wing Chun Yin Hand = wing6 ceon1 sau2 jam1

Neutral Hands = zung1 laap6 sau2
AKA default hands
Neither Yin or Yang

Wing Chun Empty Air Forms

Kata/Routine /Form = tou3 kyun4

Weapons Form = bing1 hei3 tou3 lou6

To Make A Bow With Hands Clasped = gung2 sau2 waang4 lai5

Opening Position Sequence At The Beginning Of Forms = hoi1 sik1

Stance Closing Sequence At The End Of Forms = sau1 sik1

At Ease = saau2 sik1

Stand Straight, Attention = laap6 zeng3

Little Idea Form = sui2 nim6 tau4 (first empty air form)

Bridging The Gap, Bridge Seeking Form = cam4 kiu4 (second empty air form)

Darting Fingers Form = biu1 zi2 (third empty air form)

Little Idea Form Principles

Quietness = zing6

Founder Teacher Student

Teacher = si1 fu2

Student = dai6 zi2

Opponent = deoi3 sau2

Disciple = tou4 dai6

Dedicated Followers = mun4 tou4

Grand Student = tou4 syun1
Yim Wing Chun = jim4 wing6 ceon1

Style Founder = zou2 si1
Five Plums = Ng Mui = ng5 mui4

Grand Master = chung1 si1
Ip Man = ip6 man6

Training Equipment Practice

Candle Hitting = dip6 zung6 zuk1

Hard Dummy = gong1 zong1

Soft Dummy = jyun5 zong1

Kicking Dummy = goek3 zong1

Air Dummy = hung1 zong1
Dummy practice with out a dummy similar to an empty air form

Bamboo Dummy = zuk1 zong1

Dummy Fist = zong1 kyun4

Inside Dummy = noi1 zong1

Outside Dummy = ngoi1 zong1

Wooden Man Dummy = muk6 jan4 zong1

Fast Wooden Man Dummy Practice = faai3 muk6 jan4 zong1 lin6

Slow Wooden Man Dummy Practice = maan5 muk6 jan4 zong1 lin6

Wooden Ring = muk6 waan4 hyun1
Rattan Hoop = tang4 hyun1
AKA Bamboo Ratten Ring = jook wan

Three Star Dummy = saam1 sing1 zong1

Plum Blossom Posts = mui4 faa1 zong1
Techniques On The Plum Blossom Posts = mui4 faa1 zong1 faat3

Punching Wall Bag = saa1 baau1

Sparring Sensitivity Sticky Hands & Feet Partner Exercises

Sticking = ci1
AKA chi = chee
The way rice sticks to rice

Grabbing Hand Control Against Bong Sau Two Person Drill= bong2 sau2 laap3 daa2

Live Dummy Applications Used On A Real Person = daa2 sang1 zong1

Pushing Hands = teoi1 sau2

Pushing Grinding Hands = teoi1 mo4 sau2
Offence and defence partner exercise maintaining contact only with the use of hands and wrists

Controlling Sticky Hands To Block The Opponent = hung3 jai3 ci1 sau2

Eight Immortal Table Sticky Hands = baat3 sin1 toi2 ci1 sau2
Used for demonstrations
Eight = baat3
Immortal = sin1
Table = toi2
Sticky = ci1
Hands = sau2

Sparring, Fighting Skill Contest = gong2 sau2

Sticky Body, Clinching = ci1 san1

Single Sticky Hand = daan1 ci1 sau2

Sticky Hands = soeng1 ci1 sau2
AKA sticky hands partner practice = chi sao

Sticky Leg = ci1 goek3
AKA sticky feet = chi gerk

Blind Fold Closed Eyes Sticky Hands = bai3 muk6 ci1 sau2
AKA bong an chi sao

Anti Grappling = faan2 laap3
AKA nok sao

Double Arm Rolling = luk1 sau2
chi sau building blocks

Rolling Hands = pun4 sau2

With Prior Hand Contact Free Fighting Practice = lat1 sau2

With Hand Contact Fighting Practice = gwo3 sau2

Swinging Gate = lin6 baai2 dong6 mun4

Cross Pulling Hand = lin6 laap3 sau2
Exercise = lin6
Grabbing = laap3
Hand = sau2
AKA lop sao

Energy Gravity Power Centre

Force = ging3

Guiding Power = daai3 ging3

Listening Power = teng1 ging3

Drilling Power = zyun3 ging3

Dissolving Power = jung4 ging3

Direct Power = zik6 zip3 ging3

Indirect Power = gaan3 zip3 ging3

Guiding Power = jan5 dou6 ging3

Connecting Power = lin4 zip3 ging3

Aggressive Power = zoeng1 ging3

Jerking Power = zat6 ging3

Feeling Power =ting3 ging3

Short Power = dyun2 ging3

Inch Punch Power = cyun3 ging3

Sticking Force = ci1 ging3

Sinking Power = cam4 ging3

Rubber Band Power = zoeng6 ging3

Swallowing Power = tan1 ging3

Controlling Energy = hung3 dai2 ging3

Taking Over Power = cou1 ging3

Power = lik6

Grip Power = sau2 lik6

Energy = nang4 lik6

Energy, Vigour = zing1 lik6

Energy, Strength = hei3 lik6

Energy, Vitality = wut6 lik6

Might, Power = wai1 lik6

Pulling Power = laai1 lik6

Power Of Gravity = sip3 lik6

Strong Powerful = jau5 lik6

Gravity = cung5 lik6 = jan5 lik6

Exploding Power = baau3 zaa3 lik6

Long Bridge Power = coeng4 kiu4 lik6

Elbow Power = zaang1 dai2 lik6

Capable Energy = nang4

Total Energy = zung2 nang4

Energy Saving = zit3 nang4

Breaking Centre = po3 zung1

Power, Prestige, Might, Smart = wai1

Powerful Person = keung4 yan4

Big And Powerful = koeng4 daai6

Energy Centre = daan1 tin4

Dynamic Energetic = dung6 gam2

Centre Of A Circle = jyun4 sam1

Centre Of Gravity = zung1 sam1

Control Of Power = hung3 jai3

To Be As Lively And Energetic As A Dragon And Tiger = sang1 lung4 wut6 fu2

Timing Rhythm

Rhythm = zit3 zau3

Timing = ci3 gam1

Creating Timing = cong zou6 ci3 gam1

Regular Timing = zing2 ci3 gam1

Delayed Timing = to1 ci3 gam1

Breaking Timing = po3 ci3 gam1

Irregular Timing = bin3 waan6 ci3 gam1

Dividing Splitting Crossing Attacking Defending Lines:

Thread, Line = sin3

Centre = jung1

Inside Line = noi1 jung1 sin3

Outside Line = ngnoi1 jung1 sin3

Straight Direct Line = zik6 sin3

Horizontal Mid Line = zi2 sin3

Vertical Mid Line = ng5 sin3

Diagonal Line = deoi3 gok3 sin3

Defensive Line = fong4 sin3

Attack Line = gung1 sin3

Blocking Line = fong4 sau2 sin2 wai2

Horizontal Mother Line = waang4 jung1 sin3

Vertical Mother Line = seoi4 jung1 sin3

Protecting Line = wu6 sin3

Connecting Line = lin4 sin3

Cut In Line = caap3 zim1

Base Line = dai2 sin3

Border Line = bin1 gaai3 sin3

Battle Line = fo2 sin3

Battle Front = zin3 sin3

Lateral Line = zak1 sin3

In A Row = jat1 lin4

Dotted Line = heoi1 sin3

Line Segment = sin3 dyun6

Line Of Sight = si6 sin3

To Cross Over or Pass Through = dou6 gwo3

To Stand In Line = paai4 deoi6

Water Line = hek3 seoi2 sin3

Out Of Bounds = ceot1 wai6

Front Line Position = zan6 goek3

A Cross = sap6 zi6

To cross transversally = waang4 gun3

In every direction = waang4 syu6

Horizontal; east to west; across = waang4

Five Lines = ng5 sin3

Central Line = zung1 sin3
The Front Facing Up and Down Imaginary Line That Divides A Person In Half

Taking Central Line = zaak6 zung1 sin3

Centre Line = zi2 ng5 sin3
Shortest Line Between Attacking Starting Point And Target Point

Techniques That Break And Control The Centre Line = po3 zung1

Using Shoulder line As Center line when Turned to An Angle = pin1 san1 ji5 bok3 wai4 zi2 ng5
Front hand lines up to rear shoulder line


Gate, Door, Entrance = mun4

Frontier = gwaan1

Enter = jap6

Three Gates = saam1 gwaan1

Four Gates = sei3 gwaan1

Outdoor Gate = ngoi6 mun4
AKA outside area

Inside Gate = noi6 mun4
AKA indoor area

Upper Level = soeng6 lou6

Middle Level = zung1 lou6

Low Level = haa5 lou6

Front Or Centre = zing1 lou6

Dead Gate = sei2 mun4

Live Gate = cyun4 mun4

Closing The Gap = jap6 jung1 lau6

Punches Fists Fingers

Fist, Boxing, Also Forms Of Combat = kyun4

Punch Or Hammer = ceoi4

Fingers = zi2

Hit Or Strike = daa2

High Hit = go1 daa2

Middle Hit = zung1 daa2

Low Hit = haa5 daa2

Pull ones punches = dim2 dou3 zik1 zi2

Random Hitting = seon3 daa2

Darting Fingers = biu1 zi2
AKA biu gee
thrusting finger jab

Swaying Fingers = baai2 zi2
AKA by jee

Bouncing Fist = tiu3 ceoi4

Whipping Punch = bin1 ceoi4

Whipping Fist = bin1 kyun4

Outside Whip Punch = ngoi6 bin1 kyun4

Fist Parries Fist = kyun4 sui2 kyun4
AKA Centerline intercepting parrying punch

Straight Centre Punch = zung1 kyun4

Jab Lead Punch = tung2 ceoi4

Low Punch = dai2 kyun4

Subdue Tiger Fist = fuk6 fu2 kyun4

Variegated Fist = faa1 kyun4

Meridian Punch = zi2 ng5 ceoi4

Flipping Covering Punch = kin2 kap1 ceoi4
AKA uppercut variant

Thrusting Punch = cung1 ceoi4
AKA clashing punch

Ox Horn Punch = ngau4 gok3 kyun4
AKA ngau kok kuen
Thumb knuckle out

Slanting Body Punch = pin1 san1 kyun4
AKA pien saun kuen

Sideline Punch = zak1 san1 kyun4
AKA ju sun kuen

Big Flower Fist = daai6 faa1 kyun4

Shooting Punch = se6 kyun4

Three Gates Fist = saam1 mun4 kyun4

Chasing Hitting = zeoi1 daa2

Slanting Strike = zak1 daa2

Uninhibited Punch = fong3 kuen4
AKA Lizard licking punch

Charging Fist = cung1 kyun4
AKA Explosive punch, 1 inch punch

Left And Right Hook Punches Striking To Both Ears Simultaneously
Paired Winds Pouring In To Ears = soeng1 fung1 gun3 ji5
A double simultaneous fist strike using both arms directed at the ears or temples of the opponent
soeng1 = pair
fung1 = winds
gun3 = fill
ji5 = ears

Horizontal Fist = waang4 kyun4

Precision Fist = zing1 zeon2 kyun4

Dragon Punch = lung4 ceoi4
AKA shoryuken

Tiger Tail Punch = fu2 mei5 kyun4

Low Uppercut = cau1 zong6 kyun4

Turning Punch = zyun3 kyun4

Eight Punches Form = baat3 kyun tou3

Arrow Punch = zin3 kyun4

Battle Punches = zin3 ceoi4
AKA jin tsui

Straight Punch = zik6 kyun4
AKA yat chun kuen

Double Punch = soeng1 kyun4

Close The Hand In To A Fist = aak1 ak1

Hammer Fist = ceoi4 kyun4

Ginger Fist Punch = goeng1 zi2 kyun4

Phoenix Eye Punch = fung6 ngaan5 kyun4
Index knuckle punch

Character Sun Trusting Punch = jat6 zi6 cung1 kyun4

Hook Punch = ngau1 kyun4

Leopard Fist = paau3 kuen4
AKA halve fist = choap chuie

Back Fist = bin1 ceoi4
AKA qua chuie
hanging punch

Inside Whip Punch = noi6 bin1 kyun4

One Inch Punch = cyun3 ging6

Chain Punches = lin4 waan4 kyun4

Four Wing Chun Methods Of Punching = sei3 kyun4 daa2 wing6 ceon1 faat3

Linking Punch Method = lin4 kuen4 faat3

Animal Claws Talons

Eagle Claw = jing1 zaau2
Primarily starting with a stunning palm strike, continuing on for unbalancing, then seizing, squeezing, holding and tearing

Tiger Claw = fu2 zaau2
Primarily striking with open hand with fingernails, slashing and tearing, hooking into, pulling and ripping

Dragon Claw = lung zaau2
Hand fixed in open fingers position for striking with palm and fingers, utilising seizing, pulling, tearing and ripping

Bridges & Bridging

Bridge = kiu4
AKA forearm

Bridge Idea = kiu4 kiu2

Beam = loeng4

Bridge = kiu4 loeng4

Killing Bridge = saat1 kiu4

Seeking And Sinking = cam4

Bridge Arm = kiu4 sau2

Short Bridge = dyun2 kiu4

Build Bridge = daap3 kiu4

Temporary Bridge = bin6 kiu4

Shovelling Bridge = caan2 kiu4

To Jump Off A Bridge = tiu3 kiu4

Hitting Three Stars = daa2 saam1 sing1
Conditioning the three sides of the forearms by repeatedly striking them usually with a partner in a training drill

Sinking Elbow Forearm Block = zam2 zaang1 sau2
AKA jong sao

Walk The Bridge = zau2 kiu4
AKA moving up the opponents arm in stages

Distance To The Bridge = kiu4 lei5

Pressing Bridge = aat3 kiu4

Long Bridge = coeng4 kiu4

Sinking The Bridge = cam4 kiu4

Stack Plam Sinking Bridge = deoi1 zoeng2 cam4 kiu4

Seeking The Bridge = cam4 kiu4

Hand Arm Positions Shapes Concepts Strikes

Hand Or Arm = sau2

Defending Hands = fong4 sau2
Protecting defending guarding

Mercy Hand = lau4 sau2
to stop before about to hit

Heavy Handed = cung5 sau2

Buddha's Hand = fat6 sau2

Attacking Hand = juk1 sau2

Strength Of Hand = sau2 ging6

Swallowing Hand = tan1 sau2
often confused with the Dispersing Hand of taan1 sau2

Drifting hands = wan6 sau2
Thoughtlessness without conviction wreckless

Balanced hands = ping4 sau2
Maintaining equilibrium not favouring one hand more than another

Backhand = faan2 sau2

Barring Arm = laan4 sau2
horizontal arm

Catching Hand = zuk1 sau2

Circling Hand = hyun1 sau2

Cutting Throat Hand = saat3 geng2 sau2

Beggar Hand = hat1 hei3 sau2

Covering Arm = kam2 sau2

Detaining Arm = keoi1 sau2

Scrapping Hand = gwaat3 sau2

Neck Detaining Arm = kei5 geng2 sau2

Seperate Hands = fan1 sau2

Detaining Hooking Hand = kau3 sau2
AKA scooping hand, cow sao

Intercepting Hand = zik6 sau2
AKA jeet sau

Releasing Hand = fong3 sau2
Letting go of one's hold or grip

Rebound Hand = faan2 daan6 sau2

Receiving Hand = zip3 sau2

Rowing Hands = jiu4 lou5 sau2

Waving Hand = fai1 sau2

Lifting Under Elbow Hand = tok3 sau2

Piercing Penetrating Arm = cyun1 kiu4

Pulling Hand = laai1 sau2

Chopping Hand = pai1 sau2

Tiger Claw = fu2 zaau2

Wedge Hand = sit3 sau2

Running Hand = zau2 sau2
AKA Jao Sao
rushing hand

Rising Upward Block = tai4 sau2
Straight arm bent wrist

Snake Shape Hand = se4 jing4 sau2

Wide Hands = fut3 sau2
Both arms simultaneously moving backward away from centre line

Jerk Inside Hand = noi6 zat6 sau2
palm up using the edge of the thumb/wrist area often confused with palm up taan1 sau2

Skillfull With Hands = miu6 sau2

Sabotage Hands = dou2 sau2
AKA "The Sand Castle Effect"

Freeing Hand = tyut3 sau2

Guarding Rear Hand = wu6 sau2

Threading Hand = cyun1 sau2

Inquisitive Front Hand = man6 sau2
AKA asking hand

Jerk Hand = zat6 sau2
AKA jut sau
(adjective) "choking hand"

Leaking Hand = lau4 sau2
Like water, following the path of least resistance

Lifting Hand = ding2 sau2

Pulling Neck Hand = paan1 geng2 sau2

Sweeping Crossing Low Hand = gang1 sau2
AKA splitting hand

Darting Arm = biu1 sau2
AKA palm down thrusting poking hand

Sinking Hand = zam2 sau2
AKA jum /jom sao
inward chopping forearm

Sky Hand = tin1 sau2

Hand Combinations = git3 hap6 sau2

Double Synchronicity Hands Arms

Rolling Hands = kwan2 sau2
Rotating Arms

Arm Break = tok3 zaang1 zat6 sau2

Trapping Hands = gap3 dou1 sau2

Cultivating Hands = gaang1 sau2

Double Asymmetrical Simultaneous Hands With Strike

Maintaining an equal amount of energy or pressure with both hands and arms when simultaneous defending and striking

Palm Up Cover Hit = taan1 daa2

Slap Cover Slap Hit = waang4 paak3 daa2

Low Inside Slap Cover Hit = noi6 haa5 paak3 daa2

Low Outside Slap Cover Hit = ngoi6 haa5 paak3 daa2

Covering And Hitting Hand = kap1 daa2 sau2

Hand Strikes Throat = daa2 sau2 geng2

Receiving Hand = zip3 sau2
with strike zip3 daa2

Darting Arm = biu1 sau2
with strike biu1 sau2 daa2
AKA palm down deflection with hit

Simultaneous Defence And Attack Moves = lin4 siu1 daai3 daa2

Practice skilled hands = lin6 zaap6 sau2

Freeing Hand = tyut3 sau2
with strike = tyut3 daa2

Detaining Hooking Hand = kau3 sau2
with strike = kau3 daa2

Lifting Hand = ding2 sau2
with strike = ding daa2

Elbow Lifting Hand = tok3 sau2
with strike = tok3 daa2

Neck Pulling Hand = paan1 geng2 sau2
with strike = paan1 geng2 daa2

Pulling Hand = laai1 sau2
with strike = laai1 daa2

Inquisitive Hand = man6 sau2
with strike = man6 daa2

Leaking Hand = lau4 sau2
with strike = lau4 daa2

Sinking Hand = cam4 sau2
with strike = cam4 daa2

Dispersing Hand = taan1 sau2
with strike = taan1 daa2

Circling Hand = hyun1 sau2
with strike = hyun1 daa2

Rear Guarding Protecting Hand = wu6 sau2
with strike = wu6 daa2

Jerking Hand = zat6 sau2
with strike = zat6 daa2

Grabbing Hand = Laap3 sau2
with strike = laap3 daa2

Controlling Hand = fuk6 sau2
with strike = fuk6 daa2

Slapping Hand = paak3 sau2
with strike = paak3 daa2

Pressing Hand = gam6 sau2
with strike = gam6 daa2

Barring Arm = laan4 sau2
with strike = laan4 daa2

Low Sweeping Hand = gang1 sau2
with strike = gang1 daa2

Double Symmetrical Hands Arms

Double Shooting Fingers = soeng1 biu1 sau2

Double Circling Hands = soeng1 hyun1 sau2

Double Grabbing Arm = soeng1 laap3 sau2

Double Palm Up = soeng1 taan1 sau2

Double Sinking Hands = soeng1 zam2 sau2

Double Bar Arm = soeng1 laan4 sau2

Double Lifting Hands = soeng1 tok3 sau2

Double Jerking Hands = soeng1 zat6 sau2

Gam6 Sau2 Pressing Hand

Pinning, Pressing = gam6

Pinning Front Hand = cin4 gam6 sau2
AKA chin gums sao

Pinning Side Hand = zak1 gam4 sau2
AKA ju gum sao

Pressing Hand = gam6 sau2

Fuk6 Sau2 Controlling Hand

Controlling Hand = fuk6 sau2

Forward Pressure Control Subdue Hand = bic1 fuk6 sau2

Subdue Tiger Fist = fuk6 fu2 kyun4

Laap3 Sau2 Grabbing Hand

Grabbing Hand = laap3 sau2
AKA ceasing hand = lop sau = larp sao (slang)

Grabbing Hand Variations = laap3 sau2 faat3

Taan1 Sau2 Dispersing Hand

Darting Forward Open Hand = biu1 taan1 sau2

Flat Opening Hand = ping4 taan1 sau2

Forward Pressure Open Hand = bic1 taan1 sau2

Whipping Redirection Open Hand = bin1 taan1 sau2

Dispersing Hand = taan1 sau2
Palm up

Seven Dispersing Hand Variations = sat1 taan1 sau2 faat3

Paak3 Sau2 Slapping Hand

Pushing Forceful Slapping Hand = teui1 paak3 sau2

Slap Outside Cross = waang4 paak3 sau2

Slapping Quick Block Stop Hand = zut6 paak3 sau2

Slapping Inside Of Arm = noi6 paak3 sau2

Slapping Outside Of Arm = ngoi6 paak3 sau2

Low Slap Cover Hand = haa5 kam2 paak3 sau2

Slapping Hand = paak3 sau2

Slapping Hand Variations = bin3 fa3 paak3 sau2

Bong2 Sau2 Flanking Wing Arm

Thrusting Wing Arm = bik1 bong2

Deflecting Wing Arm = se1 bong2

Throwing Wing Arm = paau1 bong2

Big Wing = daai6 bong2

Middle Wing Arm = zung1 bong2

Crane Wing = hok6 bong2

High Half Dispersing Low Half Flanking = bun3 taan1 bong2
AKA kwan2 sau2

10 Wing Arm Variations = sap6 bong2 sau2 faat3

Flanking Wing Arm = bong2 sau2

Wrong Bong Wing Arm = co3 bong2

Double Low Wing Arm = soeng1 dai1 bong2 sau2

Low Wing Arm = dai1 bong2 sau2

Deflecting Arm Grab Strike = bong2 laap3 daa2

Deflecting Arm Bar Grab Strike Or Break Combination = bong2 laan4 laap3 sau2

Elbow Anatomy Principles Strikes

Covering Elbow = kam2 zaang1

Standing Elbow = kei5 zaang1

Iron Elbow = tit3 paau1 zaang1

Inside Slapping Striking Elbow = noi6 paak3 zaang1
Horizontal L shape

Outside Slapping Striking Elbow = ngoi6 paak3 zaang1
Horizontal L shape

Subdue Tiger Elbows = fuk6 fu2 zaang1

Elbow heel = zaang1
(Elbow anatomy tutorial)

To elbow someone = sung1 zaang1

Elbowing power = zaang1 dai1 lik6

To nudge or hit (all inclusive) with elbow = daa2 baau1 zaang1

Eight Elbows Form = baat3 zaang1 tou3

Immovable Sinking Elbow = cam4 zaang1
AKA chum jarn

Flying Elbows = fei1 zaang1
Also when elbows are too far out

Correct Elbow Position Method = mai5 zaang1 faat3
Elbows in and out

Four Elbows Method = sei3 zaang1 faat3

Upthrusting Elbow = tai1 zaang1
AKA Rising" (1) Tai-Jahng: Upward-Outside-Shielding-Covering-Clipping-Uppercutting

Downward Elbow Strike = zam2 zaang1
AKA "Sinking" (2) Chum-Jahng: Vertical-Downward-Crashing-Nailing-Digging

High To Low Elbow Strike = gwai6 zaang1
AKA "Kneeling" (3) Gwai-Jahng: Arching-Covering--Pivoting-Jamming-Pinning-Helping-Rolling

High Spiralling Elbow = sai3 zaang1
AKA "Striking Gesture" (4) Sai-Jahng: Inward-Diagonal-Rising-Rotating-Deflecting-Defending-Crossing-Shielding

Bumping Elbow Strike = din1 zaang1
AKA "Butting" (5) Ding-Jahng: Forward-Pointing-Upthrusting-Centralising-Penetrating-Poking-Spearing

Slapping Striking Elbow = paak3 zaang1
AKA "Slapping" (6 ) Pak-Jahng: Sidways-Rising-Curving-Flipping-Uppercutting-Shrugging-Snapping

Extending Elbow Strike = fun1 zaang1
AKA "Expanding" (7) Fun-Jahng: Horizontal-Outward-Twisting Waist -Extending-Reversing-Barging-Throwing

Inward Elbow Strike = pai1 zaang1
AKA "Hacking" (8 ) Pai-Jahng: Horizontal-Inward-Pivoting-Turning-Hooking-Chopping

Covering Low Elbow Strike = kap1 zaang1
AKA "Covering" (9) kup-Jahng: Horizontal-Landing-Downward-Falling-Intercepting-Bouncing

Retracting Elbow Strike = sau2 zaang1
AKA "Retracting" (10) Sau-Jahng: Downward-Returning-Pulling-Reversing-Swinging

Palm Positions & Strikes

Buddha's Palm = fat6 zoeng2

Floating Palms = fau4 zoeng2

Nailing Palms = deng1 zoeng2

Butterfly Palm = dip6 zoeng2

Killing Palm = saat1 zoeng2

Shield Holding Palms = baau1 paai4 zoeng2

Flapping Wing Palm = pok3 jik6 zoeng2

Thrusting Palm = cung1 zoeng2
AKA clashing palm strike

High And Low Palms = gou1 dai1 zoeng2

Diamond Buddhist Palms = gam4 gong1 zoeng2

Hanging Dragon Palms = gwaa3 lung4 zoeng2

Three Turning Palms = saam1 zyun2 zoeng2

Single Breaking Shoulder Palm = po3 bok3 zoeng2
Palm strike to the shoulder crossing the line
AKA por bok jueng

Single Push Out Palm = tok3 soi1 zoeng2 = waang4 zoeng2 = zung1 zoeng2
Straight Palm Strike Up To Chin Or Jaw
AKA wang jeung

Single Long Bridge Palm = coeng4 kiu4 zoeng2
Drills as the stance turns contacting with the little finger side up
AKA cheung Kiu jeung

Single Low Palm strike = dai2 zoeng2
A low knife edge palm strike contacting with the little finger side palm up
AKA dai jeung

Single Uplifting Hand = faan2 zoeng2
Straight palm strike fingers pointing down also lower part of po pai jueng
AKA fan jeung

Double Low Side Palm = soeng1 dai2 zoeng2
Horizontal side palms
AKA sheung dai jeung

Double Pushing Palms = soeng1 teoi1 zoeng2
Straight palms strike fingers pointing up
AKA sheung tui jeung

Double Jaw Strike = soeng1 tok3 soi1
Straight palms to the jaw
AKA sheung wang jeung

Double Elbow Lifting = soeng1 tok3 zaang1
Lifting elbows straight up
AKA sheung tok jam

Double Palm Strike = dip6 zoeng2
Combined wang jeung and fak sau
AKA po wai jeung

Single Back Palm = jyun5 zoeng2
Back of hand strike
AKA yuen jeung

Single Straight Vertical Palm Strike = pok3 min6 zoeng2
Straight palm strike fingers pointing up
AKA ching jeung

Single Side Palm Strike = jat1 sau2
Single handed
AKA jak jeung

Spade Hand = caan2 zoeng2
AKA shovel hand palm strike

Chain Palm Strikes = lin4 waan4 zoeng2

Double Palm Strike = pou5 paai4 zoeng2
Combination upper ching juern and lower fan jeung
Butterfly palm strike
AKA po pai jueng /po wai jeung

Shins Knees Kicks
Motionless upper body when using kicks

Leg And Kick Skills = goek3 tek3

Kick = tek3

Leg = teoi2

Leg Or Foot = goek3
often referred to kicking

Rear Guarding Leg = wu6 goek3

The Rear Foot = hau6 goek3
behind, later = hau6

The Lead Leg = sin1 goek3
first, before = sin1

Back Kick = hau6 tek3
kicking with rear leg

A Flying Kick = fei1 tek3

To Kick Someone = tek3 jan4

Intercepting Shin Block = zik6 goek3

Stop Kick = zit6 tek3
Intercepting a kick with a kick

Tiger Tail Kick = fu2 mei5 goek3

Invisible Kick = mou4 jing4 goek3
Kicking and or blocking twice without putting the foot down

Side Kick = waang4 goek3

Side Trampling Kick = caai2 goek3

Side Thrusting Kick = waang4 caang1 goek3

Side Nailing Kick = waang4 deng1 goek3

Detaining Kick = kau3 goek3

Circling Kick = hyun1 goek3
Inverted bent knee twisting horizontal inward kick with heel aimed at the front mid section

Sweeping Leg = sou3 goek3
knee locked straight

Jerking Kick = zat6 goek3

Slanting Kick = bun3 jut6 goek3

Kick To Chest = cyun1 sam1 teoi2

Under Skirt Kick = kwan4 dai2 goek3
AKA kwan dai gerk

Slapping Kick = paak3 goek3
used with knee bent

Snapping Up Kick = tiu1 goek3
Instep to groin

Downward Leg Block = fuk6 goek3

Neck Grappling With Knee Strikes = paan1 geng2 sat1 zong6

Suspended Facing Legs = gwaa3 min4 teoi2
AKA outside to inside cresent kick

Swinging Continuously legs = baai2 lin4 teoi2
AKA inside to outside cresent kick

Paired Flying Kick = soeng1 fei1 teoi2
A Double leaping kick, where one leg generates the upward forward momentum while the other leg kicks out

Spade Kick = caan2 goek3
AKA supporting kick

Ghost Kick = gwai2 goek3

Chain Flowing Kicks = lin4 waan4 goek3

Front Thrusting Kick = zing3 caang1 goek3

Outer Shin Block = bong2 goek3

Outward Leg Block = taan1 goek3

Knee Attacks = sat1 ding2

Leg Scoop = lau4 goek3
Kick defence technique

Caai2 Goek3 Stomp Kick

Side Stomp Kick = waang4 caai2 goek3
using heel

Oblique Attacking Kicks = zak1 fung1 goek3
AKA Cross stomp kick
Primarily knee and surrounding area attacking kick using the heel

Front Stomp Kick = zing3 caai2 goek3
using heel

Knee Stomp Kick = caai2 sat1
using heel

Combining Kicking With Hand Strikes:

Sinking Bridge With Front Thrusting Kick = cyun1 kiu4 caang1 goek3

Cultivating Arms with Sweeping Kick = gaang1 sau2 sou3 goek3

Circling Hand With Snapping Up Kick = hyun1 sau2 tiu1 goek3

Bundling Hands With Side Trampling Kick = kwan2 sau2 caai2 goek3

Bundling Hands With Side Thrusting Kick = kwan sau2 waang4 caang1 goek3

Bundling Hands With Side Nailing Kick = kwan2 sau2 waang4 deng1 goek3

Grabbing And Striking With Slanting Kick = laap3 daa2 bun3 yut6 goek3

Slapping Hand Strike With Detaining Kick = paak3 daa2 kau3 goek3

Slapping Hand Strike With Knee Stomping Kick = paak3 sau2 caai2 sat1

Slapping Hand Strike And Dispersing Hand With Slanting Kick = paak3 taan1 bun3 jyut6 goek3

Double Grabbing Hand With Sweeping Kick = soeng1 laap3 sou3 goek3

Double Grabbing Hands With Sweeping Kick = soeng1 laap3 sou3 goek3

Dispersing Hand With Slanting Kick = taan1 daa2 bun3 yut6 goek3

Dispersing Hand With Thrusting Kick = taan1 daa2 caang3 goek3

Dispersing Hand With Low Thrusting Kick = taan1 daa2 dai1 caang3 goek3

Lifting Hand With Front Thrusting Kick = tok3 sau2 caang3 goek3

Jerking Hand With Snapping Up Kick = zat6 sau2 tiu1 goek3

All Kicks Go With Hands = laap3 daa2 bun3 yut6 goek3

Body Stances Postures Moving Stepping Turning Footwork

On Guard Position = bei6 joeng5
bei = ready
joeng5 = face upward, position, admire

Run or Walk = zau2

Step = cuk1

Step or Pace = bou6

Stance = maa5

Moving Stance = maa5 bou6

Advancing = cin4 zeon3

Right Horse Stance = jau6 maa5

Left Horse Stance = zo2 maa5

Back Stance = hau6 maa5

Pivot Or Hub = syu1

Praying Thrice To The Buddha = saam1 baai3 fat6

Stooped Or hunchbacked = lau4 leoi5

Chase = zeoi1

Balance = baai2

Structure = jing4

Shrink Or Recoil = suk1

Pressing The Waist = aat3 yiu1

Slanting Or Sloping = ce4 ce3

To Open The Horse Stance = hoi1 maa5

Stance Moving Method = bou6 faat3

Stand On Tiptoe Or Limp = gat6 ngat6

Stamp ones foot = dam6

Fighting Posture = zong1 tau4

Lose Of Balance Or Structure = baai1 jing4

Front Body Structure = zing3 san1

Body Sinking = cam4 san1

Lowering Body = co5 san1

Slanting Body = pin1 san1

Sit In Stance = co5 maa5
AKA horse stance

Sit On Rear Leg Stance = co5 hau6 maa5

Body Transition Stance = ji4 san1 maa5

Low Stance = sei3 peng4 maa5

Front Stance = zing3 san1 maa5

Meridian Stance = zi2 ng5 maa5

Thrusting Forward = biu bou6

Shooting Forward = biu maa5

Triangular Footwork = saam1 gok3 bou6

Step Back = teoi3 maa5

Dragging Step = to1 bou6

Stance Swapping = wun6 bou6

Plucking Steps = kau3 bou6

Going Forward Jamming Stance = zaam2 bou6

Diagonal Sideline Stance = zak1 san1 maa5
AKA ju sun ma

Quadrilateral Level Stance = sei3 ping4 maa5

Hanging Hoof Horse = diu3 tai4 maa5
AKA rearing horse stance = cat stance
diu3 = to suspend
tai4 = lift, put forward, hoof

Bow And Arrow Stance = cin4 gung1 hau6 zin3
cin4 = front
gung = bow
hau6 = rear
zin3 = arrow

Front Facing = cin4 heung3

"Mother Of All Stances"
(A None Fighting Training Stance)
Character Two Adduction Stance
Chinese Character Two Goat Clamping Stance = ji6 zi6 kim4 joeng4 maa5
ji6 = two
zi6 = character
kim4 = clamp
joeng4 = goat
maa4 = stance

Slanting Body Stance = pin1 san1 maa5

Front Advancing Stance = soeng5 maa5

Jamming Stance = bik1 bou6
Long stepping through jamming and chasing also in knife form
AKA chasing stance with pole = bik1 maa5

Stance Turning = zyun3 maa5
AKA juen ma

Circling Step = hyun1 bou6

Shifting Step = ji4 bou6

Revolving Defense = syun4 fong4
AKA blading

Blind side = maang4 bin1
The flanked disadvantage area of a stance when the rear hand is out of position to be utilised

Pole Techniques:

Six And A Half Point Pole = luk6 dim2 bun6 gwan3
AKA Long Pole

Pole = gwan3

Stance = maa5

Pole Stance = gwan3 maa5

Thrusting Pole = biu1 gwan3

Shooting Forward Stance With The Pole = biu1 maa5

Rotating Outward Deflecting Pole = caang1 gwan3

Thrusting Spear Pole = coeng1 gwan3

Choking Pole = dang6 gwan3

Stabbing Pole = dim2 gwan3

Cat Sinking Stance = diu3 maa5

Covering Pole = fuk6 gwan3

Circling Pole = hyun1 gwan3

Horizontal Long Bridge Pole = laan4 gwan3

Sweeping Pole = lau4 seoi2 gwan

Two Extreme Pole = loeng5 ji4 gwan3

Long Pole = luk6 dim2 bun2 gwan3

Retreating Pole = sau1 gwan3

Low Stance = sei3 peng4 maa5

Snapping The Pole Sideways = taan1 gwan3

Lifting Straight Up With The Pole = taan4 gwan3

Snapping Up Pole = tiu1 gwan3

Rotating Inward Deflecting Pole = zam2 gwan3

Knives & Swords

Knife = dou1

Sword = dou1 (curved)

Sword = gim3 (straight)

Wooden Sword = muk6 gim3

Swordsman = haap6 haak3

Fencing = gik1 gim3

Eight Cutting Broadswords = baat3 zaam2 dou1

How To Use This List Below.
As Wing Chun Is A Conceptual System Of Fighting With A Large Amount Of Terminology There Needs To Be A Simple Way To Access This Information.

This List From A Too Z Is A Sample Of How To Use Wing Chun Terminology At A Glance.
This Is Advanced Wing Chun Simplified.
Which Will Open Up Many Possibilities.

For Example
Advancing = soeng6 + Bridge = kiu4
Advancing Bridge = soeng6 kiu4
By using the action ing word first with the object.

Please note that an action can at times also be an object such as, Bridge and Bridging = kiu4

Also a word can have many connotations such as, zip = turning, folding, bending, accepting, receiving and to pick up. Therefore to keep in mind that there is a need for a certain amount of flexibility in interpretations, also in spellings as they are only written in the way they sound.

Here are a few examples

Advancing Hand = soeng6 sau2

Advancing Kick = soeng6 goek3

Advancing Step = soeng6 bou6

Advancing Strike = soeng6 daa2

And so on...

Advancing = soeng6 = zoen3
Attacking = gwo3

Boxing = Kuen4
Bouncing = tiu3
Bracing = zoeng1
Breaking = zat6
Bridging = kiu4
Bumping = pung3
Building = daap3
Barring = laan4
Bundling = kwan2

Casting = Paau1
Catching = zip3
Chasing = zeoi1
Choking = cok3
Clawing = zaau2
Controlling = fuk6
Covering = kam2
Cutting = got3
Circling = hyun1
Chopping = pai1
Cultivating = gaang1
Controlling = hung3

Dispersing = taan1
Dissolving = jung4
Detaining = kau3
Deflecting Lifting Up = Kit3
Dashing = dat6
Darting = biu1
Dragging = to1
Drifting = wan6
Detaining = kau3

Entering = yap6
Expanding = fun1 = kong3 cung1
Expelling = bei6
Exploding = zaa3

Facing = ziu1 ciu4
Freeing = tyut3
Flying = Fei1
Feeling = ting3

Grabbing = laap3
Guarding = wu6

Hanging = gwaa3
Hacking = pai1
Holding = naa4
Hooking = Kau3
Hitting = daa2

Intercepting = zik6
Inclined = pin1
Inquiring = man6

Jerking = zat6
Jumping = tiu3
Joining = daap3
Jamming = bik1

Kicking = tek3
Killing = saat3
Kneeling = gwai6

Leaking = lau4
Lifting = tok3
Lifting = ding2
Linking = lin4
Lowering = co5



Obstructing = zat6

Pinning = gam6
Pivoting = zyun3
Pulling = laai1
Pushing = teoi1
Pressing = Bic1
Plucking = zaak6
Piercing = zyun3
Poking = biu1
Protruding = dak5
Protecting = fong4


Rolling = pun4
Rowing = jiu4 lou5
Retracting = sau1
Replacing = tai3
Retreating = keok3
Receiving = zip3
Rising = tai1 gou1
Running = zau2
Releasing = fong3

Saving = gau3
Seeking = cam4
Sinking = cam4
Storing = cyu5
Slanting = pin1
Scooping = laau4
Scrapping = gwaat3
Springing = taan4
Sinking = zam2
Striking = daa2
Slapping = paak3
Slicing = zit6
Slipping = lau4
Stirring = liu4
Strolling = hang4 zau2
Sticking = ci1
Standing = jing
Sweeping = sao3
Snapping = caat3
Shifting = ji4
Shield = bei3
Shovel = caan2
Suppressing = aat3
Sweeping = gang1
Sticking = ci1
Swallowing = tan1
Stretching = jan5
Splitting = po3
Shielding = bei3
Snapping = tiu1
Seperating = fan1
Scrapping = gwaat3
Subduing = fak6
Shaking = dong6
Swaying = baai2

Trapping = zong1
Trapping = gap3 dou1
Throwing = deng3
Thrusting = cung1
Timing = si4 gam1
Turning = zyun3
Taking = naa4



Waving = fai1
Whipping = faak3
Whipping = bin1
Wedging = sit3
Walking = zau2


Yielding = joeng6


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