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Alan Armstrong
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 8:45 pm    Post subject: Micro Movements Martial Arts? Reply with quote

Subtle movements when waking up from sleep and when settling down for the night.

Micro movements for martial arts are of great importance for body awareness.

Starting out small with fingers and toes, neck and shoulders, wrists and ankles.

This is different than pandiculation resetting muscle lengths.

Micro movements can be very subtle hardly noticeable to those close by.

I like to look at micro movements similar to a systems check before take off.

This also includes doing things very slowly, such as with respiration, inhalation and exhalation, eye movements, small rotations of joints, spine activation, expulsing unnecessary tension in muscles, range of motion checks, fluid level as in needing to urinate or to drink water, having the right body temperature.

Moving by using the least amount of energy, keeping properly balanced, with good posture.

There is also the mind and body connection, as this prepares one's self for action.

This is possible by meditating on spinning joints as if they are wheel cogs by only using thought alone.

This micro movements are great for muscle twitching, similar to shadow boxing but being very subtle, an example with a Bruce Lee warm up.

Small movements in the hips and shoulders can improve upone speed and stability as there are many techniques that start and from them.

Here are some floor micro movements for example and practice

Does micro movements have any impact or bearing on your martial arts such as this?
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