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Alan Armstrong
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 6:19 pm    Post subject: Monkey Kung Fu Training Conditioning Combat Applications Reply with quote

Monkey Kung Fu Training And Combat Applications

Have decided to workout like a kung Fu Monkey and start a club right here right now.

Starting off by eating plenty of bananas, nuts and fruit.

Also playing on monkey bars.

Why you may ask?

Had a few embarrassing moments, as when I am on the monkey bars, at the gym, being laughed at and also being called a monkey.

So for a laugh and fun am going to dedicate 1hr a day, 5hrs a week to monkey ing around on the bars, just for starters.

If interested this is what I am going to try to get good at,
wish me luck!

This is how the experts do it

Interested in doing a Monkey Kung Fu Workout?

Then join this group and start practicing and share your progress and tips here.

Moving on to..

Sample of applications

Monkey Kung Fu Combat Applications And Conditioning







Started day 1 on the 1hr monkey bars.

Brought my trusty tablet along with bluetooth headphones and watched all the videos.
Going to make a habit of that to stay focused on this Monkey Kung Fu journey.

Ate plenty of fruit for this workout.

As this workout consisted of mostly hanging around with some occasional knee ups.

Have also introduced doing TRX pull ups, the plank and knee ups on a horizontal level with straps on my ankles.

Also being extreme with using the abs roller without Kneeling.

It has started some friendly interest in those that train next to me, as in wondering what I am up to.

Of course it is Top Secret Monkey Kung Fu business...

Have noticed that the gals are better on the monkey bars than the guys, could it be to having a lighter frame and less strength needed in the hands?

At the moment hand strengthening is a priority for me...
Keep you posted

This will be day 2
using what is contained and explained here
Monkey bar tutorial

A mini inspiring; Bondi Beach Monkey Bar workout



Spent more time dangling from a bar, as was not having enough strength from the earlier afternoon training session to do the suggestions in the video.

Instead I set up a low pull up bar to practice on and in between rest worked on the middle split and watched martial art tutorials.

Realising that there is plenty of room for improving my upper body Monkey strength.



Realising I need to do a lot better in this monkey bar area and devote a lot more time and effort into it.



Now doing much better than expected on the monkey bars, having learned that there are some methods and tricks to doing it correctly.



Happy with my performance on the monkey bars in such a short amount of time, which indicates to me that it is more about techniques than actual strength.

Such as, swaying and rocking the body (giving momentum to move along) and cycling the legs, also as doing the movements side to side, it seems to give the least gripping hand a little split second rest, which is enough time to make a difference.

In learning how to do the monkey bars, it seems to also be a part of Spartan races.



If keeping up with the monkey bar training, it might be interesting to start training for a Spartan race.

Seems that more time spend hanging around or swinging on monkey bars the better.

As now only in day six, there are those that are truly not up to monkey ing around on the bars in the gym.

Especially, ironically personal trainers in the gym, only using the monkey bars minimally.

Noticing there is mixed reaction of the trainers towards me, as some I have gained a little respect for working out the MB's and others don't like the competitive aspect.

I'm looking forward to day 100 on the MB's to look like this

Now using:
MB's = Monkey Bars

Scott Adkins on MB's

Scott Adkins kicking compilation, just for the few who have never heard of him

Workout like an MMA fighter on MB's

Muay Thai MB training



Still progressing on the MB not by leaps and bounds but showing a little more improvement.

Playing around on the MB trying out what is possible and what is not.

Am sure that this is improving my grip witch will be a bonus when back swinging a staff.

The hands are aching (inside and out) from hitting the heavy bag for a few hours and from playing on the MB.

In Spartan race's it seems that, if a person cannot make it across the MB's then that person has to do 50 burpees.

Might need to start practicing burpees just in case LOL



A new female personal trainer looking for business in the gym, introduced herself to me.

As the conversation continued I told her that I am trying to conquer the MB's

She climbed up and moved herself along them.

Dam! She can do it.

My turn, I couldn't, she kept on saying you can.

Then I did, moved along 4 bars. Yippee!

Did it again 3 more times in the evening, just in case it was a fluke.

So that's it, no longer static on the MB's now Mobil on them.

Getting past that first hurdle was really great.

Keep you post, weekly from now on.

In the meantime
Monkey Kung Fu Conditioning

Monkey Kung Fu Basics

More Monkey Conditioning

Monkey Conditioning Pt3

Creative alternatives to MB's

Fight Science Monkey Kung Fu

Friday for me is tomorrow, just too excited to say that I crossed the (17 bars) total length of the MB's today; listening to this song
WOW I am so pleased about this.
Talk more next week....

In the meantime

Made monkey kung fu training scenes

Monkey kung fu insights

Why are chimpanzees stronger than humans?

Sumo Wrestle vs Orangutan tug of war

Orangutan vs Gymnast hanging from a bar contest

Chimp vs Navy Seal obstacle course

Mokey style with a stick

Impressive monkey kung fu tree climbing skills

How to climb a Monkey staff pole tutorial

Second week in to this Monkey Kung fu

Having practiced on the MB's this week, have liked the improvements from the efforts.

Has improved my punching and overall strength as there are many muscles being used.

Developing calluses on my hands is another noticeable thing.

Neighbouring people working out near me are showing a lot of respect.

Damaged my right ankle twice this week, one with a slight twist and another due to landing too hard on my heal, both due to not making it across from one side to the other.

As the bars are a bit high relatively to my height, which is okay to dismount straight down but when not has it's consequence.

Doing a lot more variety today on how to move along the bars with different types of grabbing and moving, also turning around and manoeuvring side ways.

Finding out also that focus and determination, are important aspecst as without them, going from one end to the other would be far more difficult.

It has been a positive experience, I will keep you posted this time next week

Another week in to the mokey bars.
My ankle still isn't great, so I have been just doing pull ups on them, instead of swinging along on them, as cannot afford to hurt my ankle a third time.

Still showing progress, am pumped up to master this Monkey bars on a week by week basis.
Updated in another week

How to get strong for the monkey bars

Top 10 grip exercises

Gorilla grip strength exercises

How to monkey bar like a ninja

More Monkey bar tips

Bar wars

"A huge tip for monkey bars is Mastering the momentum of weightlessness"

Another week has passed by and still playing with the monkey bars.
Am getting more and more confident about them but still have a hurting heel to contend with.
Surprisingly am getting more self confidence as a whole, it could be that some of the people at the gym are impressed by my efforts, which in turn are becoming increasingly friendly...

Will report back in one week's time

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