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Alan Armstrong
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 4:34 am    Post subject: Reference Points Principle Reply with quote

Reference points, how much emphasis do you put on them?

Abilities and knowledge in martial arts are usually marked by belt levels, these are reference points.

Reference points in martial arts doesn't stop at belt levels, but in everything we do, as what is a low standard of quality for one is high for another, as it has been often said "Not all black belts are created equal"

Levels of difficulty need to be something useful in the reference points game, as this leads to progress.

The CI could also be a reference point or a role model.

As a martial artist, having a lifelong interest in self improvement towards helping others, is an admirable point of reference to work towards

"What seems like an intensive class for one is not for another" which exemplifies the theory of relativity; which could utilise the idea of the stronger helping the weaker in many ways, not only physically.

The human body is full of reference points, as in points of contact to strike, also using other parts as weapons.

Manipulating techniques, on an opponent, in martial arts need reference points, using leverage, to be able to make throws and sweeps happen with ease.

Gaining strength, flexibility, speed and endurance, need to be plotted in such a way to become improved, without reference points we would never know precisely.

Skill levels and proficiency, knowledge and understanding, all are important factors for improving, starting from scratch as a reference point.

Not everything is additive, such as reducing stress, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, body fat/ weight, things to maintain at the proper reference point level.

Looking at reference points as a principle, it has many advantages for martial artists in training and performance, how are you using them to your advantage?
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