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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Spartacus Maximus wrote:
That quote is quite meaningless and empty. It does not at all sound like it comes from a knowledgeable person. Saying that martial arts are theoretical and MMA(a sport) is real is equivalent to comparing children playing with water-pistols and a game of paintball.

Neither is more real than the other, both occur in a controlled-rule bound environment and have nothing to do with what a real live fire fight in the chaos of noise, blood and death that is war.

The only combat that is real is the real thing. Aside from all of this, the real reason a modern military uses MMA or similar type training has nothing to do with battle. It is no secret and has been clearly explained by the instructors themselves.

I'll call shenanigans on that analogy.

Like it or not, mixed martial arts are the proving ground for what works. It does not cater towards or against any style (unarmed, that is). In fact, over time all of the rules that have been implemented have helped strikers and hampered grapplers- I say that for reference to all those that claim their "deadly" techniques will work well if not for the rules....

Finally, no one really cares if techniques from "style X" work in "the street" or not. I've fought in this mythical setting several hundred times..... its a joke. ANYTHING can work in the street because you're fighting bums who don't know what they're doing. On the other hand, if you're fighting people who are also trained fighters, are themselves training daily, and are watching videos of how to best you at your worst game, and you're STILL able to make your techniques work..... you're pretty solid.

Martial arts tend to be treated like religion, where its disrespectful to question anything. MMA has allowed people to come out and call out the charlatans. This is a good thing, because for hundreds (and some thousands) it wasn't allowed. This has allowed thing to evolve.

MMA fighters are in actual fights every day, and they're doing it against other fighters as well. This isn't theory. This is reality. This is making it work. Too many in the martial arts world live in the world of theory. That's all MMA is- making the cross to reality.

There are no more excuses. Now, what have these MMA competitions taught us over the years? Its taught us that its a physical skill, like every other "sport" that there is. Its also taught us that the world is full of people who claim to train "for real" and for "the street!" and these guys tend to get absolutely and utterly obliterated against even a modestly trained fighter.

Why does this happen? Because every time that I choke someone, I kill them (or could have just as well) I just hold longer..... The same is said after you catch a jointlock, whatever it may be. You're combat ineffective. Same thing applies to a knockout. You've just potentially killed a guy. Your opponent is unconscious, and his fate is entirely in your hands at this point.

So you're thinking "Oh, so its BJJ and thai boxing for the win, right.?" Not necessarily....

The reason why the best fighters came from your classic MMA styles is because of HOW they practiced, which is FULL contact. This keeps things as real as possible. When you practice like this, you'll get results. That is perhaps the most important facet of the game. It doesn't matter what you call your style (or what you don't...) you have to train against resisting opponents. The more you do, the better you'll become either through technical refinement, or outright technical replacements.

Fighting isn't rocket science, (but it is a science). Lots of things can work, but most people aren't concerned about possibilities, they're concerned about probabilities. So for unarmed fighting, MMA-esque training is the best you will get.
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