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PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2021 5:20 pm    Post subject: Re: Self training? Reply with quote

Journyman74 wrote:
To be quite honest, I am most likely not going to join or commit to a traditional BJJ gym in my life due to a variety of reasons. Does anyone here self train using videos, partners, mannequins etc? How satisfied are you? Im not ever planning to be a fighter or what not...just stritcly as a hobby

Iíve done a lot of martial arts over the years, most extensively in boxing and karate, though with a little aikido. Now Iím doing Brazilian jujitsu 4 to 5 days a week with my sons. I was a United States Marine. Iíve messed around quite a bit in different kinds of self-defense techniques and martial arts. I donít think you can effectively learn a grappling art on your own. I just donít think itís really feasible. You can however do pretty decently with some instructional videos and some heavy bag equipment, perhaps an online training curriculum in karate or boxing. Better to have a partner to spar with and do drills with, but if I were going to go out alone with instructional videos and anything I would certainly be doing karate from durable martial arts online or something like that and then practicing in a very disciplined way. But grappling? I just donít think itís practical at all to learn on your own, regardless of how good the online or video curriculum is. You could get down some fundamentals but it just would seem to me to be a really ineffective plan. Whereas, you could probably do pretty well for yourself if youíre very disciplined and a good learner with striking arts independently. I still wouldnít recommend it as your primary means. Youíd want to at least get together with some like minded practitioners to pressure tested occasionally.
ďA kata is not fixed or immoveable. Like water, it's ever changing and fits itself to the shape of the vessel containing it. However, kata are not some kind of beautiful competitive dance, but a grand martial art of self-defense - which determines life and death.Ē

Kenwa Mabuni
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