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Member of the Month
Member of the Month

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2021 9:23 am    Post subject: Share your funny stories! Reply with quote

So...this may not apply to everyone (due to your time in the martial arts, etc.). But I thought it might be interesting for folks to share (or comment!) on some funny stories that they have from the martial arts training. After almost 50 years, I have got a literal TON of them.

So, I'll start it off...let's see if anyone is interested.

So, way back in the day, I studied Shotokan (ended up with a Yondan and Renshi license before I moved on). It was through the old KAH or Karate Association of Hawaii that was, at the time, run by Kenneth Funakoshi. Anyway, this was probably around 1980 or so (yes, I am OLD). Our dojo was small and ROUGH...and I do mean ROUGH (ever been put through a window with a side thrust kick? LOL!). We were very small and trained in an old house converted to a dojo. One night as we were wrapping up our last class of the night (advanced class), a young fellow came into the dojo and he was carrying a pair of "Bruce Lee num-chucks".

I all them "Bruce Lee num-chucks" as they were the bright yellow with black stripes (and attached by a chain) that were made to look like the pair Bruce Lee used in Game of Death. And "num-chucks" is how the kid pronounced it (and when I said kid, he was like 20 or 22).

Anyway, after we bowed out, this young man was invited to come onto the floor and several of us were talking to him. After having been involved in a couple of dojo storming sessions (yes, that really did happen back in the day), we were a little curious as to how this was going to play out. The young man was interested in lessons and specifically wanted to learn more about using "num-chucks" as he was self taught and needed to learn more. The young man proceeded to show us all of the fancy moves he had taught himself (and, to his credit, he was quite flashy). So Don (who owned and ran the dojo) unhooked the 70 pound heavy bag we had and said, "Can you show me your technique using the bag?". So, the young man stepped back and launched into a flurry of techniques. You know the stuff...bouncing them off of the back of your arm and catching them under you arm, side swings that were couple with rolling them across you hand, etc. All of the stuff you see in the Bruce Lee movies and other B rated stuff.

Anyway, he finally issues a KIAI and hit the bag with a swing of the num-chucks with all of the power he had. Now, many of you probably know where this is going. Unfortunately for him, he didn't....and had never used his num-chucks to hit anything other than air. The num-chucks hit the back and then recoiled right back at him and hit him in the head. Then he hit the ground and it took him about 5 minutes before he knew what his name was.

Everyone was nice and no one outwardly laughed at him (at the time), etc. Don ended up telling him that weapons were not generally a part of what was usually taught as an official part of the Shotokan curriculum but many of us trained with a variety of different weapons and he was welcome to join the school.

Needless to say, after the young man said he would think about it, we never saw him or heard from him again.

After reading this story, I don't know if it will come off as funny as it actually was.

Anyway, if others jump in and share I have more...

For me bujutsu is not a set of techniques, but a state of the body. Once the principles are integrated, the techniques surge spontaneously because the body is capable of adapting instantaneously.
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Purple Belt
Purple Belt

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2021 1:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Definitely a funny story, saw it coming but still enjoyed reading it.

Trying to think of any stories myself but struggling! Only thing I can think of recently was after doing seiza in class I told the students to sit comfortably, my assistant does this thing where he jumps up from seiza position and lands on his bum in a seated position... but this time he misjudged it, rotated a bit too much when his bum hit the floor it let out a loud squeaky fart! you kinda had to be there but it caused a lot of laughter and he looked a little embarrassed! Hard to express how funny it was with the timing, like I said kinda needed to be there.
Ashley Aldworth

Train together, Learn together, Succeed together...
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