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KF Sensei
KF Sensei

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Journyman74 wrote:
Very interesting... I know this is an old thread but I’d like to chime in...

Regarding how technique is performed, this Karateka from another forum said it best…

“SKA was one of the first styles of Karate brought to the US and turned into an official organization. It’s not expensive to practice as it is a non profit organization.The Founder, Tsutomu Ohshima was one of Funakoshi’s students and received a 5th degree blackbelt under Funakoshi, the highest degree given at the time, so that is the highest degree a person can get in SKA. It is a traditional form of Shotokan, emphasizing real life technique of self defense, (eye gouging, low kicks to the groin and knees, foot stomping, aiming for the throat, ect. Techniques are kept simple. Distance and timing are a main point of focus. It’s not very sporty and can gravitate to more mental and physical conditioning depending on the dojo.

Different aspects are emphasized depending on dojo and instructor. But basically the premise of the technique is less is more, and speed produces power, and speed is achieved through relaxation. Maximum power is ultimately produced by speed, alignment, and proper distribution of body weight. Stances are wide. Punches usually end at the pinnacle of a movement, basically when your front foot hits the floor. This is one difference when I look at katas and basics from JKA- that there tends to be a kind of wind-up resulting in a delayed punch. For instance, if you are stepping with a reverse punch, in JKA the foot lands and then the punch and rotation of the hips follows. In SKA the rotation of the hips tends to happen as you take the step, so a maximum combination of speed, hip rotation, and alignment with body weight happens at the point of impact, and at the point of impact the fist is tightened, lightly tensed “extended”- the only point where “muscle” is used. There is always an emphasis of no power in the shoulders.”



Now in response to the previous commenters to how front punch (Oi Zuki) is executed the way SKA teaches

Funakoshi in his own book says “the hips spring forward to a full frontal position in a half-facing posture” (Funakoshi, Gichin. Karate-Do Kyohan. New York: Kodansha USA,1973.Print)

It can also be observed that in all publications of his books, photos of Funakoshi himself when he was in his younger days is in a Half-facing posture as well as you can clearly see both shoulders in an angled position with punching arm extended. So, it is not “squared” as per his instruction, that most likely is a concept taught by the JKA. But I have to say even having trained JKA myself initially, we were not taught to have squared upper body posture in front punch so Im not sure where that is coming from. 


SKA teaches to importance of “connection” as why you don’t usually see them hopping up and down during kumite (its not against the rules, just not encouraged).  Sabaki and “shifting” is taught but nothing that would make you vunerable to counters or attacks because of being in the hands of gravity. Hands are also kept up with chin lower as opposed to the traditional sport method…Here is a good example…

This clip is of a tourney a few years back of a JKA stylist from Japan vs a SKA fighter. The man from Japan is affiliated with Oshimas organization through university but due to sport fighting being implemented in Japanese university Karate syllabus, it looks almost identical to WKF style Kumite that he resembles     
Good match with both very talented men to say the least.

Special training is basically "gasshuku" (Japanese translation) and is practiced in martial arts. Various martial arts groups practice this

For me personally, in my years of Shotokan, SKA is the finest Shoto group ive had the pleasure to pratice with. Oshima was definitly on another level from what Ive observed compared to Funakoshis other students. Always thankful for his instruction and kindness

Welcome to KF, Journyman74; glad that you're here!!

Solid OP!!

**Proof is on the floor!!!
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Spartacus Maximus
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Black Belt

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Everything in martial arts depends on the teacher and the method. No matter what martial art or governing body, there will be significant differences. Even within the exact same style and/or organization, there are those who are better than their peers at conveying skills and getting other people to understand them.
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