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PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mend wrote:
I have personally seen the effects of discipline-focused training in my school's children's class and the effects are profound.

You should not be paying for a day care, fun time school. Traditional martial arts are in fact Martial. Arts. They're steeped in Focus, tradition, respect, humility and honor. These are virtues difficult to train a child but my teacher treats them as young adults. If you act up you do push ups, if you talk or laugh excessively, its followed up by a discipline talk and or push ups.

Martial Arts for a child can be difficult but starting to enforce those virtues I mentioned above at a young age has a huge impact on the children as they grow up. Their confidence and understanding of life is through the roof, they're more mature and structured vs. kids who don't have this in their lives.

It's my experience that this is the ideal training and that it's very hard to find schools this traditional and disciplined - the parents love it and our teacher really makes them work and show respect.

Some people will say anything is better than nothing and that's true to a certain degree, but it cannot be overstated how much traditional martial arts instruction can improve one's life.

I wish you luck in finding a place like this.

Agreed, really great post. I run a very structured disciplined class setting. I watched a few classes from another place in the area and it was much more fun and games, and they are a successful place. It made me wonder if I need to just have more fun at times, glad to see people make these great points about this type of program though, thanks for your post. I can only hope the O.P. Gets as much out of it as I did haha!
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