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Alan Armstrong
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:45 pm    Post subject: Simple Things Work Too Reply with quote

Just sharing a few different types of training equipment that can enhance your game, such as tennis balls, Lap top strap and a rubber thera band.

1) By holding a tennis ball between the shoulder and chin, similiar to a violinist, then shadow box, alternate sides holding the ball on the left then on the right.

2) You should get the idea that tucking your chin behind your shoulder is a little preventative medicine from getting knocked out.

3) Next shadow box whilst holding the two tennis balls in your hands but always have at least one ball in the area between your chin and shoulder, for instance a ball in your left hand can also be used for covering your left or right side, same applies to your right hand.

4) Now while shadow boxing in a mirror, you should always see a yellow spot while punching and covering between your chin and shoulder, either on your left or right side (using peripheral vision).

5) You should now be able to step move punch and cover while bobbin and weavin correctly.

6) To test if you are having good form punching and covering simultaneously, then suggest attaching a Lap top adjustable shoulder strap and add some grips on each end (as the strap is rigid) holding the grips in each hand, with the shoulder protector strap part should be between your shoulder blades, with each punch should be pulling the covering hand back to your face, with a Yin Yang effect.

7) Additional speed can be gained by holding a wide thin rubber thera band in (or something similar) each hand and having it pressing on your shoulders, then practicing your shadow boxing, then practice without the rubber band should help towards building upon your quickness.

Hope you try out these ideas as they do work and do you do something similar?
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