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Alan Armstrong
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Black Belt

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:30 pm    Post subject: Those Are Binomial Fighting Words Reply with quote

Binomials are word pairs that go together, expressing an idea, that most native English speakers use on a daily basis, they are far from creative but do serve a purpose as in being "short n' sweet" and to the point.

Short cliche Idioms included, meaning commonly known phrases, as they could also be binomials, also added are puns that have more than one meaning.

Either training in the boxing gym or dojo, in the ring or on the mat, these binomials have a home, here is a short list, please add your favourites, as this is your chance to "Rise n' shine" as it is "Now or Never" to put "Pen to paper"

These "short but sweet" phases are also used in the business world to denote what they are doing in their respective positions for or against the competition.

As for business people time is money, thefore having these "off the cuff" verb phrases at hand, they are easy to say, remember and understand, from the shop floor to the top floor executive offices.

Romance, once a beauty and now perhaps a beast, also borrow from the deep psychological pains, explaining conflicts between lovers and relationships, as shot through the heart, with terms generally used in combat, that can help explain when the relationship is "on the ropes" as we might have experienced, that "love is a battle field" that doesn't take prisoners.

As am only guessing, that relationship councillors will use terms such as "if your marriage doesn't kill you, then it will only make you stronger as a couple"

With cutting to the chase for explanations, in short phrases, are economically effective and efficient due to the time that would otherwise be used up explaining instead of practicing.

Motivation while in training sessions, with a few well placed words of encouragement can help with focusing energy in the right direction "through the toughest times and the best of times".

None native speakers, learning English, that are also martial artists, will without a doubt appreciate this topic immensely.

Please note the use of "n' "conjunction instead of "and" to make proper use of colloquial pronunciation, including contractions of some words.

There are rhymes and reasons why these short sentences or proverbs, made up of such few words, that go so well together, as similar to punching, they do the job like a quick and simple boxing jab combination, hitting straight and direct, to the main point of the targe or subject.

As a last resort.

A strangle hold.

All over the place.

A past master.

A one-two punch.

A kick in the teeth.

Achilles heel.

All out war.

Arm bar.

A friendly bout.

A flash n' the pan.

At the drop of a hat.

A rough diamond.

A cut above the rest.

At full strength.

Axe to grind.

All or nothing.

Aches n' pains.

Alive n' kicking.

Action faster than reaction.

Armed and ready.

As a rule.

Bobbin n' Weavin.

Beat the odds.

Black n' blue.

Bad t' the bone.

Best of the best.

Bold n' beautiful.

Best never rest.

Blood bath.

Between a rock and a sword.

Blood n' guts.

Bumps n' bruises.

Brains vs brawn.

Back to basics.

Blood sweat n' tears.

Bite the bullet.

Backwards n' forwards.

Be all you can be.

Bit by bit.

Be prepared.

Be all n' end all.

Below the belt.

Bend over backwards.

Bits n' pieces.

Bring it on.

Bear the brunt.

Beat about the bush.

Bull in a China shop.

Blind side.

By n' large.

Block n' parry.

Blow for blow.

Burn the candle at both ends.

Break the ice.

Blow hot n' cold.

Beside the point.

By leaps n' bounds.

Balance n' stability.

Boxing manoeuvre.

Balance n' mass.

Courage to fail.

Get in to one's stride.

Cold war.

Courage to continue.

Cool calm n' collected.

Crossing swords.

Claim to fame.

Cease and desist.

Cause n' effect.

Cuts n' bruises.

Close call.

Child's play.

Chop n' change.

Call it a day.

Cut n' thrust.

Cold feet.

Cat n' mouse.

Cut man.

Conditioned reflex.

Create opportunities.

Centre line.

Day after day.

Dish it out.

Donkeys work.

Dressed to kill.

Do the business.

Dyed in the wool.

Do one's stuff.

Duke it out.

Don't be a pushover.

Done n' dusted.

Duck n' dive.

Do the unexpected.

Do or die.

Dos n' don'ts.

Dirty fighter.

Eye fa' n' Eye.

Element of surprise.

Eye opener.

Easy peasy Japanesy.

Finishin' touches.

Fast n' lose.

Fend for oneself.

Fish out of water.

Full tilt.

Fight for all one's worth.

Fit to drop.

Fly off the handle.

For kicks.

Face the music.

Foul play.

Fair play.

Follow up

Fists of fury.

Fast n' furious.

Fight or flight.

Firm but fare.

Face ta' face.

Friend or foe.

Fair n' square.

Focused n' confident.

Fisty cuffs.

Focus n' hitting.

For or against.

Feel the burn.

Few n' far between.

Full of beans.

Fight shy.

Flank the enemy.

Face your fears.

Good n' ready.

Ground n' pound.

Give n' take.

Ginja Ninja.

Going for gold.

Grin n' bear.

Give way.

Go off the deep end.

Grabbin' n' controllin'.

Go against the grain.

Go for the kill.

Go it alone.

Go by the book.

Get on top.

Getting down n' dirty.

Go through the motions.

Get a move on.

Giving someone a run for their money.

Get stuck in.

Get in get out.

Giving the slip.

Glass jaw.

Go down swinging.

Get to grips.

Heavy hitter.

Head hunter.

Heads up.

Hands up.

Hit on the kisser.

Here n' there.

Here there n' everywhere.

High n' dry.

Hold off hold on.

Hold one's own.

Hit n' run.

Hope against hope.

Hope n' glory.

Hit the nail on the head.

Hand over fist.

Hand in glove.

Hammer n' tongs.

Hands on experience.

Head in the clouds.

Health n' safety.

Hard n' fast.

Hit or miss.

In n' out.

Iron palm.

In principle.

In the moment.

In a tight corner.

In a nutshell.

In good shape.

In full swing.

In the octagon

In for a penny in for a pound.

Judge n' jury.

Jab n' move.

Judges decision.

Killer instinct.

Knuckle down.

Knock about.

Killin' machine.

Knock back.

Knock down.

Knock out.

Knock together.

Knuckle sandwiche.

Knock up.

Know how.

Kick the bucket.

Kickin' n' screamin'

Kiss n' makeup.

Keep one's distance.

Keep at it.

Kick off.

Know by sight.

Keep one's shirt on.

Kick up a fuss.

Losing face.

Law of the jungle.

Lone wolf.

Lame duck.

Love n' war.

Landing punches.

Lay down the law.

Live or die.

Latest n' greatest.

Lockin' n' brakin'

Lock n' load.

Lay it on thick n' heavy.

Last man standing.

Low blow.

Man to man.

Master of disaster.

Make hay while the sun shines.

Move it or loose it.

Make the grade.

Miss the bus.

Make oneself scarce.

Make rings around.

No picknick.

Neither here nor there.

Neck n' neck.

Now n' then.

Now or never.

No pain no gain.

Need fa' speed.

No bars hold.

On one's toes.

Off beat.

Once bitten twice shy.

Out of bounds.

Off beat.

Old school.

Open up.

Out of order.

Out n' away.

Out of it.

One track mind.

Over n' above.

On principle.

On the ball.

One hit wonder.

On the ropes.

Out for the count.

Put of sorts.

Off the record.

Offensive defence.

Pullin' punches.

Playing it safe.

Punches en' bunches.

Pound fa' pound.

Patience to practice.

Push n' shove.

Preparation is everything.

Prepare for glory.

Precision n' power.

Put your best foot forward.

Play the game.

Pinned down.

Practice makes perfect.

Put the cart before the horse.

Past it.

Pin down..

Pep talk.

Pick on.

Pay through the nose.

Punching bag.

Press on.

Pull it off.

Punch drunk.

Pros n' cons.

Pull oneself together.

Push on.

Plain sailing.

Prize fighter.

Quick to react.

Quick n' slow.

Rough and tough.

Rough n' ready.

Ranting and raving.

Road to victory.

Ring side seat.

Rules n' regulations.

Ready ta' rumble.

Rude awakening.

Rumble n' da jungle.

Rise to the occasion.

Rough it.

Round n' round.

Read the riot act.

Rope a' dope.

Roll with the punches.

Rear naked choke.

Self defence.

Stick it out till the end.

Side kicks.

Sticky hand.

Slice n' dice.

Sucker punch.

Scrapes n' bruises.

Spirit before technique.

Son of a gun.

Splits for kicks.

Show time.

Sore loser.

Spirit to try.

Snooze you lose.

Sticks n' stones.

Scream n' shout.

Show n' tell.

Slap fest.

Step by step.

Stay sharp.

Slap happy.

Strength n' honour.

Speed n' endurance.

Strong n' healthy.

Super foot.

Sour grapes.

Stick to one's guns.

Sit on the fence.

Sparring partner.

Scotch kiss.

Saved by the bell.

Seize up.


Set back.

Set up.

Shake off.

Step in the ring.

Square off.

Square up.

Straight from the shoulder.

Show off.

Show down.

Sit it out.

Size up.

Slip n' slide.

Stand down.

Stand up for yourself.

Survival of the fittest.

Toe to toe.

The gloves are off.

Touch n' speed.

The kiss of death.

The kiss of life.

Tooth n' nail.

Time and place.

Touch n' go.

Tug n' pull.

Through thick n' thin.

Time n' effort.

Tried n' tested.

Twistin' n' pulling.

Trippin' n' trappin.

Throwin' n' rollin'.

The boot is on the other foot.

Take the bull by the horns.

Tools of the trade.

Take it easy.

Throw in the towel.

Throw in the sponge.

The kiss of death.

Take it lying down.

Toe the line.

The long n' the short of it.

Take down a peg.

The powers that be.

Take it on the chin.

Take a dive.

Tap out.

Time out.

Touch gloves come out fighting.

Under dog.

Up n' down.

Up to scratch.

Up in arms.

Use it or lose it.

Up against it.

Victim of circumstances.

Vicious circle.

Wind up.

Work out.

Walk over.

Wolf in sheep's clothing.

Warm up n' cool down.

Wear down.

Winners never quit.

Win or lose.

Watch n' win.

Words of wisdom.

Wax on Wax off.

War n' peace.

When push comes to shove.

Work it!

Walk the walk talk the talk.

With a vengeance.

Weigh in.

Wear n' tear.

Young n' restless.

Yin n' Yang.

Zig zag.

As the list is getting larger, I am putting it in alphabetical order, as not to make doubles.

(More to be added to this list, stay tuned)
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