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Alan Armstrong
Black Belt
Black Belt

Joined: 28 Feb 2016
Posts: 2468

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:23 am    Post subject: Twelve 2Hr Lessons In Martial Arts Reply with quote

Here are Twelve 2Hr lessons in martial arts that I teach.

Happy to elaborate on any one of them if requested.

They are a mix from many martial art systems therefore don't be surprised if they seem to be unfamiliar to you;.

Your feedback and participation should hopefully spark some interesting topics worthwhile considering and to incorporate hopfully in to your own practice sessions.

In growing together through understanding and appreciating each others differences

In doing so becoming even more effective maists.

Tap v Snap sport v reality
TV scene change, then move, exercise
Hip momentum v shoulder swinging, stay balanced
Action Beats Reaction
Lambagini v Steamroller, one slow one fast both can kill
Flinch v Watching Stunning & Tension light touch vs heavy
Kim vs Tom JKD
Momentum Sil lum Tau or the lack of
Flank strategies
Pad Work Is Defence Training
Using Touch in realty practice Palm over Fist

Over Reaching or leaning causes lack of balance, move closer instead
Over Stepping, causes lack of balance and stability, use smaller steps
Dragging Weapons, keep it together, don't let things lag
Moving or Stationary don't be a target be a weapon
Don't lose sight of your hands, use peripheral vision

Making A Proper Fist, clenching, sliding, rolling fingers
Picking Apples, bring hand back to starting position after striking
Blind Side, keep away from rear power hand
Keeping Balance & Structure with hips and sinking
Angling is Posing & Creating angles
Bug & Nose Squishing when striking
Flat Fist Punching, street fighting
Sand Castle Effect disrupt the opponent's plans
Double Hip, can combine defence and offence
Bearknukle Shifting Footwork
Pointing Weapons at target, hands and feet
Be weapon not target

Lesson 2
Lazy hands, punch oneself, stiff hands get pushed back
Maintaining True Boxer Stance
Contact push block hit, horizontal up and down
Fists in line with shoulders, lower the chin to match
Flick the elbows faster punches
Hook or Roll finish jab jab jab
Punch by #s with playing cards1 to 8
Using fakes shoulder hands knee elbow head stepping
Circling the blind side
Getting pulled out of the true boxer stance, loses balance
Small pivots big pivots depends on opponent
Maintaining proper distance
Front leg combos or rear leg instead of swinging left & right
Steel sharpens steel diamonds cut diamonds

Lesson 3
Don't keep hands up in a totally defensive mode
Boxer & Grappler doing the same practice makes perfect
Small hinges move big doors
Taking The Centre Line Left Right Centre
Move correctly not anything else
When hitting B first B last B gone
Entering Infighting Exiting
Attacking Or Controlling Opponents Balance and Structure
Lines of attack and defence
No fake fighting
Invisible techniques
Shadow boxing & Shadow defending
Countering vs defending?
Drills makes skills that kills
Punch with venom
Form creates power
One move is half of the next
Always Move for the Advantage
Every movement is made to one's own advantage
Fill gaps with strikes
Stop Struggling Start Dominating
Point of origin striking
A good offence cannot be countered only defended
52 Blocks variety
Windshield wiper transition blocks
Safe n Sound defence practice Shadow box without punching
One hand home one hand out
Chained in practice Unchained in fight
Raise the bridge
Tap back of head
Tap the elbow
Brush the shoulder
The bird
Skull and Crossbones
The crown
Stack the deck
Clap the hands
Down town

Lesson 4
Catch Bullets
The Bird variations
Philly Shell
Shoe Shine
Windshield wipers
Bank robber
Chop Blocks variations
Slapping Parrying variations
Flicking Fists Backhands variations
Clap hands
Closed door covering
Open door covering
Peek a Boo
Temple Triangle, Muay Thai
Close Sash Window
Open Sash Window
B Touched & Strike
Touch opponent & Strike
Defending Touch Self & Strike
Trap & strike
Home made hanging Speed Bag: hammer/backfist/full knuckles
Home made hanging Focus and Timing tennis ball/hit & move
Half man jab, side on, stretching out
Full facing jab, close in fighting
True boxing stance, where all punches and kicks can be used
Attacking or Defending weighted one leg principle
Attacking usually weighted front leg
Defending usually weighted rear leg
Attacking or Defending using both legs
Punching horizontal bars on different levels
JKD Punching combinations: double & triple
Head & Tale of Snake/fist & elbow

Lesson 5
Thrive in discomfort
Get out of your own comfort zone and disrupt his
With all card tricks the hand is quicker than the eye
Feet before Fists
Stay loose & ready
Attacking Intercepting Evading
Be Touched & Strike
Touch opponent & Strike
Defending Touch Self First & Strike
Trap & Strike
Direct Leaking Attacks No Touch
Chop Blocks variations
Slapping Parrying variations
Flicking Fists Backhands variations
Realistic Neutral Hands & karate blocks variations
Trapping variations
Pivot L R front foot
Pivot L R rear foot
Stepping F B L R
Stepping off Angles
Circling Facing Stepping
Stepping Walking F B
Skipping F B L R
Jumping F B L R
Step n drag
Ali Shuffle
Back Peddling
Pressure fighter makes the opponent uncomfortable keep doing it. psychological pressure without doing anything, when it is time, do it for real.
Slipping Sliding/Hippy Jerky/Come in low/Inching close/Far away probing/Close but out of range/lots of fakes/none stop punches/powerful punches/slow explode/always counter no matter what/
Five moves method practice, striking back from awkward position
Knockout the radar, slap to the ear, two punch then use a hard slap
Versatile boxing is where it is at, learn from everyone
Avancee, Attack starts quickly to the nearest target hand box or knife

Lesson 6
Newton's Cradle
Egg Timer
In The Bin
Snow Flake
Grinding Machine
Jet Lag
Butterfly Effect
90 180 360
Fairies and Gorillas
Internal focus vs external focus
Internal defence vs external defence
Internal muscular contraction tension awareness
External musculal relaxation extension awareness
Using the power of Intent and awareness, with focus being expressed internally or externally with contraction or relaxation in movement.
There is a middle neutral ground starting point, being slightly relaxed and tense but ready.
As Yin/Yang bo
Where defence and offence, could be better achieved by using tension or relaxation, depending on the circumstances.

Lesson 7
5 elements wing chun
Wood = Straight Limbs
Fire = Tips Change
Metal = Heavy Compact
Water = Flow Softness
Earth = Supporting/Gravity
Mountain/Rock = Momentum
Thunder  = Power
Lightning = Speed
Lake = Stillness/Reflection/Mirroring

Lesson 8
Skip step Reset. L down R across L up
Open door & go in lap da
Faster Punch from the chin
Faster think faster, clap hands 1 2
Faster punches use momentum of footwork with hands
Faster punches by under commiting them
Faster combos with a little less power
Faster, Shorten up punches
Faster punches relax upper body
Faster arm naturally swings like when running
Elbow in when doing a stiff jab
Choking the jab with a mit, Stopping full extension
Shotgun sounding jab
Pouring water out of cup jab elbow
Slipping from Head /Waist/Legs
Peek a boo slipping using straight punches

Lesson 9
Fulcrum attack, Defanging the snake, limb destruction
Slow down play the pauses with music and boxing
Front and rear foot importance attack and defence
Pivot falling not leaning and actually move the foot
45 toe to heel boxing stance
Spears and axes tall and small fighters
Philly Shell, lead with shoulder, line up pointing with shoulder
Philly coffin no posing
Fight all possible battles in your mind first, then will never b surprised
Reciprocal inhibition stretching using opposite muscles
Diving vs Driving when walking or sparring
Consistency beats intensity, over estimating and underestimating
Wherby expecting quick results that take time to achieve.
Feelings vs Facts, expect to get hit but keep going
Glove Gate dirty boxing
Dont move on defence but move on attack this maintains distance when training
Bouncing v Sitting when striking
Staying still keeping balance
Sticks & fists generating power
Techniques Principle Concepts elbow down, beautiful gift
Steam train engine
Timing with beats v broken rythem
Out In to deep water stamina

Lesson 10
Wax on n off
Onion Learning in layers
5 Ways Of Attack: SDA.ABC.ABD.PIA.HIA
Single direct, by combination by drawing progressive indirect, hand immobolization
5 Lines Of Defence: hands elbows feet shoulder head plus attitude
5 Attack Elements: Intention Preparation Delivery Completion Recovery
Wip v Stick
String Theory keeping proper distance
Reference Points
Double weightedness
Pressure Testing
Wedge Principles
Yin Yang neutral
Shotgun Dispersing Effect vs Triangulating
Focus Pads theory Body Absorb Taking A Hit
Vertical Horizontal Diagonal Fist All fists
Elbow drills
Move like matrix hollow body
Onions many layers to SLT
Paddle with tide go with flow
Picking Up Rocks use what works
Pick up a branch use what you have
Self Defence Reaction Attack Eye Groin Knee
Challenge Danger Comfort Zones move for the advatage
Maintain Calm over fight n flight
Pivot when they are committed
Shoulder role swing upward hammer fist
3 phase defense Reflex Deflect Intercept
Law of attraction & distraction?
Magnet Hands and Feet
Save energy on heavy bag when striking by not digging in
Move and counter Running is Running
Provoke & attack to get a response & counter attack
Throw a reverse puch when closer not further away
Small v big window more difficult to be hit n easier to score
Shoe shine 3 up 1 hok
Myomoto Musashi
Turn the opponent n strike Raking striking
Precision power timing speed
Pivot v straight
Watch energy motion

Lesson 11
Internal focus vs external focus
Internal defence vs external defence
Internal muscular contraction tension awareness
External musculal relaxation extension awareness
Using the power of Intent and awareness, with focus being expressed internally or externally with contraction or relaxation in movement or stillness.
There is a middle neutral ground starting point, being slightly relaxed and tense but ready; as Yin/Yang both contain the opposite element
Where defence and offence, could be better achieved by using more tension or relaxation, depending on the circumstances.
Half statue stability while half loose and relaxed; Muay Thai
Stay loose shoulders, over and under choo choo train
Sticking with a knife action punching
Scared vs Prepared
Talking punches to each other
Pain influences movement
Blind spot
Fight ready
Physical presence JKVD
Face it
Fight it
Finish it
Insults and assaults
Double Hip principles

Lesson 12
Secure Insecurities
Explosive n Elusive
Defending in to Countering
Muay Thai secret Body Weight Power attack n defence
Muay Thai one step then kick, elbow, knee, punch, push for power
Banana Egg Watermelon Pung hidden meanings
Only counter attacking no defending from practice to fighting
Swayback all high kicks counter with elbow
Spinning elbow from catch leg
Proactive vs Reactive
Be all over reducing risks don't mis a beat
Stay Tuff n Ruff
Predict and Prevent
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Alan Armstrong
Black Belt
Black Belt

Joined: 28 Feb 2016
Posts: 2468

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 4:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

These Twelve 2Hr Lessons are not just a random list of ideas, far from it, they are all tried & tested to work, based on...

"The best 5 martial artists locked in a room principle"

When 5 of the best martial artists from different disciplines were locked in a room together but not to fight each other but instead to wright one long list on what works that all can agree on.

The only requirements being each taking a turn to explain a concept of one or more ideas and all must be in agreement for it or them to earn their rightful place to be written on the list.

If for any reason that one of them doesn't agree to a concept, then it would not be added to the list.

As their being a universal truth on reasoning and reality based on experience, knowledge and understanding, a list such as this is possible.

Of course the title is a little misleading as one could easily assume that these 5 martial artists would be fighting each other instead of cooperating together.

This is the beauty of - Steel Sharpening Steel

With this type of list it is possible to modify it in to many different subjects, such as Self Defence, Competition - Sparring & Forms or Performance Training.

Also to focus on one aspect such as Footwork, Punching or Kicking, compiled from different disciplines for instance: Boxing, Muay Thai and Karate...

There is no set pattern or order in any of these 12 lessons they can be mixed and matched or it is possible to go in to great detail or just to introduce the idea.

As they are with an open ended approach where starting again where last left off is possible or adding more ideas to the list.

There is no entry skill level either, from beginners to the advanced practitioner, what does matter is to absorb and understand the usefulness and make them work and feel natural.

Belong to many martial art clubs and organisations, their wasn't much happening in the martial arts concepts, strategies and tactics department, always feeling that this area needed Investigating.

Here's hoping that you find some gems of information:

Where to be a formidable fighter - Diamonds Cut Diamonds

Lesson 13
Muay Thai spear elbow
Union Jack Flag Elbows
Palm up Palm down Thumb up Thumb down
The devil is in the detail hand movements
Ground reaction snap karate
Gravitational force
Palm training Penetration
Moving n Striking Coordination
Cheat step
Sneak step
Lazy footwork vs Strategic Stepping
Maintaining Good Mini Habits
Wing Chun touch n speed simultaneously attack n defence
Boxing footwork and punching combinations
Silat flanking, distancing use of reference points
JKD tactics and strategies
Muay Thai commitment striking
karate use of power and focus

Loading up on the opponent strategy
to put the opponent in a tense shelling up defensive mode
instead of allowing counterattacking

Switching between telegraphing and none telegraphing
to get a reaction making them hopefully confused with information overload pressure tactic

Messing with the left and right side of the opponent's brain
to cause temporary psychological confusion
just before permanent physical damage

There is no style for each body type or person, you will find how ever that some techniques work better for each individual than another.

Being exposed to and exploring what is available and what works then becomes important factors as why learn things that will not work.

This way each individual becomes the best style or version of themself.

Take clothing for instance, not everything is one size fits all as Bruce Lee tried and found what fits himself best in martial arts, now he had fashion sense!

This is why all techniques don't work for most people, trying to put a round peg in a a square hole.

This is why a martial artists can practice their entire lives and still haven't developed any real fighting skills.

Develop your athelticisim, attach the right attitudes and martial art skills.

Enjoy the journey, enhance your abilities and instincts, never stop learning and growing, be the best version of you...

Lesson 14
Plum Blossom 5 Palms
Plum Blossom 5 Footwork
Too late Syndrome
JKD Pendulum Kick
Karate Spider Web Stepping
Spider Always Ready
Three Hands Wing Chun
Silat Sway Shield Footwork
Silat Cup Hand Fore Arm Power
Cookie Jar Past Experience Motivation
Throwaway Jab
Throw a Jab Expect A Jab
Always one eye on the opponent when using elbows
Dutch Style Sparring Give n Take
HVLIS High Volume Low Intensity Sparring
Unpining footwork n punching
Momentum Figure 8 Concept
Tennis ball drop catch speed training
More sweat in training less blood on the battlefield
Circular Elastic Recoil Hook Punches
Pivot Punching vs Lunge Punching
Lead hand hook pivot rear hand cross pivot
Where the head goes the body goes
Silat Every Touch Breaking Opponent's Structure n Posture
Strong Disciplined Jab Straight Out Straight In
Throw Your Jab With Your Hip
TKD Replacement Step Weight Distribution none Committment
Half Step Cuts In The Middle Of A Full Step

Lesson 15
Lead With Punches Not With The Head
Punches in Bunches vs Punching Combinations
On Track Off Track Side Track
Striking While Moving In All Directions
Maintain Your Game While Unravelling Theirs
Flat Elbows vs Angular Elbows
Solid Elbows vs Scrapping Elbows

Locking Principle in any order:
Absorb Deflect Project

The Five Martial Art Principles:
Control Access Stability Efficiency Tactics
Shoving vs Moving
Pushing vs Pressing
Pulling vs Dragging
Plucking vs Tearing
Holding vs Snapping
Carrying vs Supporting
Throwing vs Tripping
Twisting vs Turning
Chopping vs Cutting
Penetrating vs Covering
Bumping vs Banging
Straight vs Corkscrew
Swinging vs Placing
Taking vs Replacing

Playing vs Serious
Preparedness vs Unaware
Spontaneous vs Planning
Passive vs Aggressive

Spiralling Inwards vs Spiralling Outward

Torque vs Leverage

Technical vs Trickery
Emotional vs Calm
Savage vs Sophisticated

Exhaustion and Breathlessness can ruin any type of endeavor, maintain your presence tirelessly and not to run out of steam prematurely, always conserve your own oxygen while kindly helping the opponent to deplete his.

Understanding this list for its simplicity in a minimalist form for easy access.

The takeaway with such a list is that it is easy to keep and refer to at a glance.

Mostly stripped away of innecentual information leaving only the seed or essence of the idea.

These ideas are mostly self explanatory others will need further investigation into their deeper meanings.

Containing no info-entertainment concepts for learning while being amused.

Consider this information on martial arts as academic research on a level of learning that is currently available to everyone, including opponent's.

The real beauty of this compilation of martial art ideas is that it is the size of a set of encyclopedias that has been written and scaled down in to size of a shopping list.

Being exposed to new ideas, just in time or Just in case are reasons enough however...
Practicing these ideas for the right reason as they can surely help develop your fighting skills.

Tried and tested list.
There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Focus on list.
Take one idea and focus on it till you feel the power it possesses.

To do list.
Commit yourself to not just learning them but to do them in practice.

Tip of the iceberg list.
These ideas go far deeper than they appear on the surface.

Relentless list.
Look at these ideas as oftern as possible and visualise yourself doing them.

Action list.
Don't just read them practice them separately or in groups.

Anything that needs elaborating on please ask...
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Alan Armstrong
Black Belt
Black Belt

Joined: 28 Feb 2016
Posts: 2468

PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 4:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lesson 16
Taking the Path of least resistance

When you lose don't lose the lesson

Stutter, Hold, Stop n Go vs Momentum, Flow, Smooth?

Follow up same side kick with punch:

Foot jab kick with same side follow up lunge punch
Round house kick same side follow up hook punch
Side kick same side follow up back fist

(Also in reverse order)
Follow up same side punch with kick:

Lunge punch with same follow up foot jab kick
Hook punch with same side follow up round house kick
Back fist with same side follow up side kick

Focus Technique Breakdown:
Beginning - Transition - End Position

Increasing Striking Power:
Pushing off adding momentum use of bodyweight

Analogy between sparring newbies and weight lifting by starting off with low weights and increasing gradually over time

Creating space or distance leaping across centre line, using knife hand strikes or with sword

Muay Thai catch leg variations:
Pull it in let go horizontal elbow to head
Elbow & or Knee the leg
Let go & punch
Trip take down
Forarm press & twist take down
Attack supporting leg

Boxing shoulder roll nuisance

Roll with the punches Rock back in unexpectedly

Keeping Correct Silat Posture attack trusting footwork

Uppercut vs Hook make the difference clearly between all punches

Develope Exacting Standards Differentiate Techniques

Peppering in Boxing and Using Pepper Spray both effect the vision and the will to continue

You cannot stop what you cannot see

Use Willpower Only When Needed as a last resort

Prepare Yourself Develope Skills Realistically

Find comfort in discomfort find peace in chaos

KISS Principle - Attack what's open & Defend what's coming

Beware of the Headbutt, overhand right/left, flying knee and the spinning elbow that has unexpectedly ended many a fight directly also as a setup for a finishing knockout

Sparring vs Fighting vs Giving or Tacking a Beating?

When All Else Fails, follow the instructions and advice you were given or in other words use the skills you were taught by your instructor


To learn these lessons it will help towards your development if to eliminate the need for instant gratification and Infotainment:

Society seem to be heading in a direction where learning needs to be fun or enjoyable or entertaining.

However this midset can have its consequences of distracting from real life issues and learning responsibilities, as not everything is intended to be fun.

As work can be considered as doing something constructive that would rather be doing something else for amusement.

Things of value doesn't really need to sparkle or to be sugar coated but in these times where we are already saturated with information, whereby adding some kind of entertainment while learning seems like the only way to get through.

Being given too much access to infotainment where growing up with instant gratification is normal, where the struggles of life that are actually provided by nature are nesccery and needed to grow stronger.

Learning to succeed their doesn't needs to be a balanced element of entertainment or instant gratification attached in every step of the way.

Divide infotainment between the work what needs to be done to achieve and the little pleasure of life that are truly earned.

Get serious and develope a tast for learning without amusements.

Focus and earn your freedom from infotainment and get a tast for real victory!

Are you not entertained?
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