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Alan Armstrong
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Black Belt

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:45 pm    Post subject: What Does Internal Arts Mean To You??? Reply with quote

What does internal arts mean to you?

What does external arts mean to you?

How can internal art be separated from external art?

Is internal a spiritual thing, feeling or aspect?

Is external for you being something tangible?

Why does martial arts consider internal and external to be something worth while?
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Himokiri Karate
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 10:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry if its a late reply but here is my thoughts on it:

Internal means energy and life force as well as organ health as well as healthy heart and brain as well as digestion.

External means strong, powerful and durable. Like Muay Thai fighters shin or Kyokushin fighters ability to take body shots or a boxers ability to deliver power. Same with grapplers being able to be dynamic, strong and powerful on top of their technique.

Internal spiritual thing to me means psychology. Few days ago I got shook up by a street thug. Now I am suppose to be a martial artist and yet, I felt like I could have been more aggressive, even though I stood my ground, I could have been better. But my personal example. Universal example, staying cool under stress, not having shaky legs, handling yourself however you feel is best regardless if its right or wrong. What matters is, you followed up with your conviction without hesitation and did what you had to do with a level of proficiency that is on par with your skills.

External is tangle because it means muscle gain, better bone density, stronger muscle fiber, greater posture and luster to go with it. If we want to be esoteric, its possible that internal can compliment the external. But I am just speculating.

Internal is very important more than ever. Lots of pro fighters go broke, end up in a bad shape. Internal keeps your inner being intact, it gives you purpose and a reason to evolve and self perfect and that is important because as human beings we need to be engaged in activities with a purpose or else we fall in to depression and despair of living a life that has no meaning or that our life has no direction or adventure.
It begins with the knowledge that the severity of a strikes impact is amplified by a smaller surface area.
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