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PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2022 7:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

tatsujin wrote:
sensei8 wrote:

This is what I was referring to as Space Management, and because we and our opponent moves, so does the spaces that we manage, and those spaces constantly change from moment to moment.

I did a KF Article speaking about Space Management many years back...

Your entire post, tatsujin, is solid across the board. You don't ramble; very informative posts, thank you for them.

Thanks for the kinds words, it is much appreciated. But I still ramble at times! LOL!

I will definitely go have a look at your article! Still being a relative newbie here, I was not aware there use to be a section for that...nor am I privy to why it went away. But, it seems like it would be nice to have that. Anyway...

On topic...

I actually kind of cheated in my explanation using the quadrants. I did so just to make it the easiest way to explain a more difficult concept in the written word here.

The quadrant concept I was attempting to convey in the earlier post actually works best when applied to locks and grappling. So, the quadrants applies to a means by which you can get the most "bang for you buck" in such a situation. Additionally, when using this line of thought, there are four (4) more quadrants on the back of the body.

When you are getting more into what I think you may be referring to as "space management", then we have a different set of concepts that would best be identified through the following symbol:

You have probably seen a symbol like this before in the martial arts or heard it discussed in various different styles. The easiest way to describe it is Happo no Kuzushi (八方の崩し), meaning 8 directions (or all directions) means of unbalancing an opponent. But, in the art that I teach, that isn't really the way that we look at it. Kuzushi (崩し) literally means to pull down, level out, demolish or destroy. So, within that definition you could have unbalancing. But, you could have much, much more as well. Within that, you also have the shiho (四方) or four directions. Where we (the art that I teach) takes a bit of a different turn than most that use this concept is in how it relates to the eight ( gates of primarily] Taijiquan (八門 - bamen. Those gates (or powers are peng (ward off - 掤), lu (roll back - 履), ji (press - 擠), an (push - 按), cai (pull down 採), lie (split - 列), zhou (elbow - 肘) and kao (shoulder - 靠). Those gates can be seen expressed in the bagua or 8 triagrams image:

NOTE: There is some additional information listed in the diagram as well that would not necessarily apply to this conversation...

It you apply the first image of the 8 lines or directions over top of the bagua symbol, you'll see everything laid out nicely. And, the four most important of them (peng, lu, an and ji) correspond to the shiho (四方) or four directions.

If you saw the images of the school patch that I was working on, you'll see the happo and shiho directly incorporated into the design.

Hopefully this all made sense and maybe gave you something to think about or consider. I am off to read your article and I am sure that I will have questions for you after I do.

Thanks again!
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