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Alan Armstrong
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Black Belt

Joined: 28 Feb 2016
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:05 pm    Post subject: Combining Chi Kung with Chin Na Reply with quote

As there are many Chin Na techniques used by many ma styles, I wondered why there wasn't a Chin na style. There are many variations to one technique and add ons also, such as strikes and throws, pressure point grabs an so on. I saw the potential of using these techniques in a way to exercises and learn the body mechanics at the same time. As the human arm is a type of chain that links together, by bending and twisting the arm with a partner is a good exercise for one and a learning experience on how things work for the other. This exercise is totally none aggressive. I believe this is a good learning idea for beginners and experienced martial artists. With additional Chi kung exercises specifically for strengthening and improving flexibility of: fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, knees and ankles. Counter techniques can also be explored and practiced. I have had experienced martial artists that practice chin na in their style to try them out on me. They didn't work on me because of my years of experience of twisting and exercising my own wrists. And when their techniques did work it was because I gave them time to readjust their technique's and to exert more pressure on my joints. What was even more surprising for them was when I totally relaxed my arms and moved them about like a robot. They could not get a fix on what type of technique to use. This is called using the Empty Shirt' technique. The way I see it is that the human body can only bend in certain ways by learning and practicing with this idea in mind, the possibilities for using Chin Na techniques will be without limitations only set by the limitations of the opponents joint flexibilities. What do you think?
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 8:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think this would be good for me. My legs are fairly flexible, but my arms especially my shoulders are very tight.
My fists bleed death. -Akuma
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Alan Armstrong
Black Belt
Black Belt

Joined: 28 Feb 2016
Posts: 2165

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 2:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for your reply MasterPain.

While still exploring the 'Chin-na' and Chi-kung' cross training idea. It has given me new insights to training, never seen before, at least by me.

Training with a partner is usually better than working out alone. Working out alone has it's benefits also; here's how.

One idea that I have come up with, is to use thick rubber training bands and thread them to a pull up bar. As one end is looped around the bar, I just loop the other end around my wrist, as if I was grabbed by an opponent. Then I use my 'Chin-na' techniques, as exercises. This idea can be incorporated in a variety of martial art type stances or movements.

Getting a bit too good at it now, the bands are snapping. Even using six bands at one time, I'm still managing to snap them.

I'm going to incorporate bungee cords in to this new exercise idea. As the rubber bands are not holding up due to my increased strength and stretching them beyond their intended length.

So to give this idea a name. I will call it CNRT. 'Chin-na resistance training' As resistance training with rubber tubes is nothing new, but using them to exercise Martial Art self defence grabbing techniques or other MA movemts, this could be a novel idea.

As much as I believe in chi power and not muscle power in certain techniques. CNRT might become a new tool to advance martial art skills. I believe the strength of my self defence skills has improved.

For example, these resistance cords attached to one of my wrists. While my other hand clamps down on top of that hand, as to trap the opponent's hand. I can singularly exercise my grabbed wrist. Then incorporate my elbow in to the technique. Then introduce my shoulder. Then using my body weight in to the mix. Then the legs and so on.

Also can exercise perhaps just my body weight (gravity) in to the pulling down motion. Exerting full power in techniques also takes in to consideration keeping one's own body in check (balance) at all times.

Or keep everything stationary and only use my elbow power. This idea of using and strengthening one joint (fulcrum) at a time, is how 'bone power' is used correctly. Tai Chi practitioners use bone power in their movements. Dragon Yin style Kung fu is all for more bone power.

Resistances training this way can be done with fingers. By bending them back as if attacked and using the cords on the fingers for strengthening their attacking power.

By placing oneself in an arm lock position and putting the rubber bands in such a way to place pressure on it. Strength and endurance is increased and also counter techniques can be practiced also.

What I am incorporating or focusing on is the resistance aspects. Making the martial artist more aware of the strengthening techniques that resistance can have on muscles while actually doing the ma movements.

Could be said that by using body weights could do the same thing; I think not. Because weights are going straight down to the centre of the earth, while resistance bands can pull from all different directions and simulate a resistances more varied and similar to an actual opponent.

This resistance exercise could be setup in a way that incorporates more than one attacker. In the past, ropes and pullys were set up in a Hercules type of workout. Exercise machines have resistance ideas built in to them, but most are not designed for the martial artist.

Just to recap a bit. Chi Kung are auxiliary exercises for martial artists. There are literally hundreds of exercises to choose from. to enhance one's own chosen style. As some internal styles use little effort or exertion on muscles, this could reduce muscle strength and reduce bone density also. So exercises were invented to give the body more strength and endurance, internally and externally. Breathing is also a vital component of 'Chi Kung' training.

'Chin na' recap. Most styles use 'Chin na' MA techniques to grab or seize an opponent in a offensive or defensive way. It is said that there are 700 techniques in 'Chin na' The Kung fu 'Eagle Claw' style uses many Chin na techniques. Pressure points can be struck or pressed accordingly. Sealing the breath or choke holds are another aspect of Chin na.
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