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PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:02 pm    Post subject: Etiquette Policy Reply with quote

Edit: This was part of an April Fools' Day joke.

Participation in the website constitutes agreement to our etiquette policy. This policy outlines how senior members and staff members within our community must be addressed, especially by those holding a lower rank.

For a listing of our ranks, please see our FAQ. In addition to these ranks, there are three ranks for staff members. Sempais, Senseis and Grandmaster.

Addressing Senior Members

All members with 1,000 posts or more on our forums receive the rank of black belt. Due to the quantity of their contributions, all black belts have earned a high level of respect. As such, when speaking to them, you must refer to them as "sir" or "ma'am."

Addressing Sempais, Senseis and the Grandmaster

In addition to having a large quantity of contributions, staff members (Sempais, Senseis and the Grandmaster) are responsible for maintaining this community. These positions command respect and, as such, when addressing them, please note the following requirements.

Sempais are to be addressed as Sempai Last Name and not just Sempai. For example, Sempai Mitcham. For all Sempai last names, please see our staff page.

Senseis are to be addressed as Sensei Last Name and not just Sensei. For example, Sensei Wilmott. For all Sensei last names, please see our staff page.

Our Grandmaster, Patrick, is to be addressed as Grandmaster. Not Grandmaster Patrick, just Grandmaster. If it becomes necessary to differentiate him from other grandmasters, you may refer to him as Grandmaster O'Keefe.

All non-members, regardless of post count, must address staff members in this manner.

Responding to Posts Made by Higher Ranking Members

If you wish to respond to a post made by a member who is higher ranked than you are, you must ask for their permission by sending them a private message. On their post, there is a button labeled "PM." If you click this, you will be able to send them a private message. Only once you have received their permission, may you respond.


Breaches of conduct will be met with pushups. Member must perform push-ups within the time provided, must video tape those pushups and must hold up a copy of the newspaper from the day of performing said pushups. The video must them be uploaded to YouTube and marked unlisted, which will allow you to send a link of the video to the member you have shown a lack of respect to. Once accepted, your account will revert to being in good standing. If you refuse pushups or demonstrate this lack of discipline on multiple occasions, you may be expelled from the community.

Thank you for visiting
Patrick O'Keefe - Administrator
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