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Orange Belt

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 15, 2022 9:24 am    Post subject: Meijin Pro Gi Reply with quote

Hopefully this is alright to post, it is not any sort of affiliate post or the like...

I found out early on (and the hard way) that when it comes to martial arts gear, it is usually the best bet to more money to get higher quality. In terms of a gi, back in the day that was Tokaido (and even really nice black belts too).

Back when I live in FL, we went through two back to back hurricanes (one year and then the next). Both of them wiped me out to a large degree when it comes to personal possessions (and that is why you should ALWAYS have the right kinds of insurance for where you's like a never need it until you do!). Prior to that, I had not needed to purchase a gi in...well...I don't know how long. It was a really LONG time. I committed to some travel to a seminar at the end of March and now needed one.

My last sets of uniforms were all Juka Gold level. I think I had one Silver in the mix. But, I loved them. I had full sets in black and white as well as single gi tops to go the kuro-shiro (黒白) route as dictated by Matayoshi Kobudo protocols.

Anyway, reached out to their US rep and due to supply chain issues, they had nothing in my size. I searched around and was reminded about the Meijin brand. I talked to the owners wife on the phone and was able to confirm sizing and even got some custom embroidery done. BANG! It was amazing. I had it on my door step in about a week. They actually run a little big for anyone that is interested. My size 7 Juka Gold fit like a glove. My size 7 Meijin Pro was much bigger. Fortunately, a wash in very hot water and a tumble dry at high heat took care of most of that. I think I will need to have the length of the pants tailored a bit as they are a little long.

Anyway, if you are looking for a VERY well made gi, I do recommend this brand. The Pro version is 14oz cotton canvas and just has a ton of features that make it very nice. If you need something lighter or not as expensive, they do have some other options available. If you have bought Juka in the past, I would recommend this as a good alternative. You can get you name embroidered on the lower corner of the top (I did) and, depending on your style, you can have that done in kanji on the right breast of the top. Mine was thrown in at no cost.

Anyway, I hope that this is of some help to anyone that may be looking or searching the forums for something.
For me bujutsu is not a set of techniques, but a state of the body. Once the principles are integrated, the techniques surge spontaneously because the body is capable of adapting instantaneously.
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