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Brown Belt

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

singularity6 wrote:
So, the house we bought was essentially "move-in-ready" in the sense that we liked everything about it, cosmetically. We did know that the plumbing (galvanized) and electrical (most of it is original at 80 years old) needed some work.

Well, $2100 got all the plumbing in the basement and kitchen replaced. Redoing the bathrooms pose more of a challenge, as that would involve getting through walls without damage... that'll be another $1k when we can afford it.

The electrical is getting done now - a friend and I are doing it ourselves. He's really handy with a drill, and so far, we're not having to do anything to any of the plaster walls or hardwood floors! The major drawback there is that we've spent about 20 hours so far, and have only grounded 3.5 outlets, installed 2 light fixtures and an additional outlet. During this process, we found out that my refrigerator is on the same circuit as the garage, and parts of several rooms... Ugh. We'll be running at least 3 new 20 amp circuits (bathroom, fridge, garage) as well as updating outlets as we go.

This makes me glad that our house was built in the 70's. We stripped it to the studs, rewired most of it, and have the kitchen, bathroom and basement left.
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