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Alan Armstrong
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:39 pm    Post subject: A Simple Way To Gain Flexibility With Stronger Faster Kicks Reply with quote

Here is a quick and simple way to make your kicks stronger and faster.

Lay down on your side, balance a bean bag or weighted bag on the end of your leg over the ankle.

Now practice your side kicks slowly, using full range of motion in and out while remaining on your side, make sure that your body is in total alignment, height is not important here, balancing the bag is.

Alternate sides with about 10 kicks per side, I generally start off with a weight at 5 kilos.

After about 10 on each leg, I add another 5 kilos making it 10 kilos per set. Progressing to 15 kilos then 20 kilos, what ever you are comfortable with but keep adding more weight to your set.

Now, while still on one side do horizontal leg swings with the top leg as far as possible to the front and to the back, about 10 times and alternate legs.

Now start using your kicks, still laying down on one side and practice all of your kicks, quickly in succession, side, hook, round house... on both sides, without the weights.

Finally finish off the set, but sitting my rear, wrapping both arms around one leg as tightly as possible and hold my ear to my knee, then straighten the leg in to a front kick, repeat bending the leg and straightening all the while hugging the leg as tight as possible, pointing the leg up towards the ceiling or sky.

This could actually be a part of the way to start your warm up, or while watching TV.

There is no limit to the amount of sets or weight used, I do these exercise for about 1 hour per session, three times a week.

Do you have any questions about this suggestion, hope you will try it and like it, good luck?

These are the types of sand bags that I am referring to, as they come in many weights and are very durable, that can easily be balance on the ankle for this exercise.
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