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Alan Armstrong
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 7:43 pm    Post subject: Free Spirited Happy Training Reply with quote

At the gym, I am known as, free spirited by the trainers.

The gym is fully equipped with weights, machines, pool, spar and saunas.

Being free spirited also a visual learner there is plenty to see and observe.

Here are some observations; a little food for thought.

Age and fitness ranges from teens too old, competitive athletes too getting in shape enthusiast's, also physiotherapists working alongside personal trainers.

With plenty of discussions going around on what is better, low heavy reps vs high low reps and what plenty of other topics concerning on being the best of the best.

Does heavy weights or ankle weights interfere with performance and do rubber thera bands work well enough in improving strength?

There does come a point when opinions of others count and when they do not.

With the hundreds of people I see exercising every week, not one of them does anything the same as the next person, for many reasons.

With the vast amount of exercises and equipment available, the chances of two people training the same doesn't seem likely to exist.

Also with age difference body types, personal fitness goals, once again the differences between each individual becomes even further obvious.

To look even deeper, there are time restraints, where some don't have the available option of long workouts while others do.

Some sweating profusely while exercising, as if trying to break world record, while others relaxing casually as if on a beach somewhere nice and peaceful.

With these observations in mind, we are all different in many ways, also in areas of having prior knowledge in exercises where others have practically none.

Compounding exercises programs with eating habits, then it is no wonder that many people fail in becoming fit and healthy and others grind away, with no pain no gain, no glory.

Having the right attitude towards becoming fit is also an important factor, as there are many that when depreesed turn to comfort foods or excessive alcohol consumptio to relieve stress.

Being fit and healthy is no easy task, when it really comes down to it.

There is another type that go to the gym on a regular basis, that are happy enough to exercise; that have a smile on their face or look as if they enjoy what they are doing most of the time.

With this in mind, if you are happy exercising on a regular basis, maintaining a youthful quality of life, this is on the right track; IMHO

Than on the contrary of being obsessed with the whole process of being the fastest or strongest, there is an another option.

That being the happiest while participating in regular exercise and activities.

If you truly enjoy what you are doing, no matter what it is, you will become good at it, perhaps not the best on the planet but being satisfied with achieving personal goals are great mile stones.

Try different types of exercises, give yourself a chance to explore and experience your strengths and abilities, play with them.

Rarely is person good at something that they don't enjoy.

Dance, crawl, jump, climb, swing, roll, stretch, walk, spin, squat, kick, punch, reach, twist, carry, push, pull, lunge, bend, squeeze, turn, lift, throw, drop, step, stand, hop, bounce, balance...

Free your spirit happy training

Enjoying the journey along the way

You prefer structured training sessions, why?

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