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Alan Armstrong
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Black Belt

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sword Practice Guide

Recommending this APP for those that practice with a stick or sword; it's free and can be used off line.

Can be adapted to other types of training with a little imagination such as for kicking or hitting/punching the heavy bag.

Anything that enhances training sessions is Okay to my mind, am open to traditional training methods and compatible contemporary ones also.

Having two and sometimes three daily 3 hour training sessions it is essential to stay sharp and consistently mixing the new with the old keeps things challenging and interesting.

Bluetooth technology, for instance, enables me to train without bulky wire headphones from my tablet, using minimal lightwight headphones to listen to music; something that has enhanced and motivated my training sessions without compromising anything.

Training indoors and out with Apps or Videos for that matter, can help with increasing endurance such as using a boxing timer clock, with 3 minute rounds, with 1 minute rest intervals, accompanied with motivational music, when hitting the heavy bag.

Yes technology can be very difficult to adapt to, as having my frustrating moment trying to understand what I'm doing with it, but everything is difficult in the beginning and mastering difficulties is the way of martial art artist.

Problem solving thinking, a journey through trial and error with the determination towards succeeding and learning through thick and thin, mind over matter, doing one's best.

Not just for martial arts but for conquering whatever one sets out doing, including overcoming the trepidation of using Apps and technology.
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