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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:59 pm    Post subject: Re: Martial arts research library Reply with quote

hobbitbob wrote:
What would you consider indispensible in a good MA research library?
Here are some of my choices,and I am eager for others to add to this:
Karate History:
-Unante, John Sells
-Secrets of Okinawan Karate, Mark Bishop
-Shotokan: A Precise History, Harry Cook
-The History of Okinawan Karate Do, Higoanna Morio
-Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate, Patrick McCarthy
-Koryu Uchinadi (two volumes), Patrick McCarthy
-Bubishi, Patrick McCarthy (tr.)
-Rentan Goshin Tode Jutsu, Funakoshi Gichin (reprint, available from Kodansha)
-Karate Do: My Way of Life, Funakoshi Gichin
-Okinawan Kempo Jutsu, Motobu Choki (reprint, available from University of Hawaii Press)
-Karate: History and Traditions, Bruce Haines (a bit dated, but still worthwhile)
-Karate Masters, Jose Fraguas(interviewer)
-Tales of Okinawas Great Masters, Nagamine Shoshin

Japan and Okinawa:
-Okinawa: A History of an Island People, George Kerr (the only comprehensive overview of Okinawan history to date)
-The Making of Modern Japan, Kenneth Pyle,
- Dogs and Demons: Understanding the Dark Side of Japan, Alex Kerr
-The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Ruth Benedict
-Angry White Pyjamas, Robert Twigger
-Moving Zen, C.W. Nichol

-Karate Kinematics and Dynamics, Lester Ingber (out of print, but well worth finding)
-Dynamic Karate, Nakayama Masatoshi (the "orange book")
-Best karate #2: Fundamentals, Nakayama Masatoshi
-The Essence of Okinawan Karate Do, Nagamine Shoshin
-Shihan Te, Darryl Craig

Korean Styles:
-Hapkido: An INtroduction To The Art of Self Defence, Marc Tedeschi
-Taekwondo: Traditions, Philosophy,and Technique, Marc Tedeschi
-Taekwondo, Choi Hong Hi
-Taekwondo: The Korean Art of Self Defence, Richard Chun
-Advancing in Taekwondo, Richard Chun
-Muye Dobo Tongji, Sang Kim (tr.)

-Dragon Times/Classical Fighting Arts (quarterly, published by Dragon enterprises. Semi Scholarly, peer reviewed)
-Journal of Aisan Martial Arts( Quarterly. Scholarly, peer reviewed)

This is my "short list." I eagerly await suggestions! Especially suggestions regarding Chinese MA, about which I know very little.

Wow. Thank you for this
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