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Alan Armstrong
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 7:06 pm    Post subject: Movement Habits? Reply with quote

Organizing movements?

Coordinating movements?

Effective movements?

Training movements.

Conditioning movements?

Combat movements?

Strategic movements?

Rather than starting many topics on martial art movements, it seems that it can also be used satisfactory under one thing as "movement habits" as we do seem to repeat ourselves with repetitive behaviour patterns.

For as ballet dancers walk and move like they do as no one else does, due to their movement habits have become ingrained.

Therefore wherever they are they are ballet dancers on or off stage.

As for martial artists to switch on and off when not wearing a gi, this seems to me not to be right, rather all movements no matter how small or insignificant should have an element of martial art in them.

Could be as simple as getting home in the pouring rain and figuring the best way possible without getting wet, that with forseeable planning an umbrella would be the right thing (weapon of choice) to have.

As many martial artists convey that they don't seem to have the time to practice, which means to me that they are only practicing when wearing a gi, which doesn't seem right to me.

As for instance, waiting for a bus or in it and getting off it, with a little creativity and imagination, it is possible to find something that can be helpful towards becoming a better martial artist, even if it is practicing awareness or body language of other passengers, or it could be as simple as practicing over grips on handles, to strengthen hands.

Our daily movement habits from weakening up till falling asleep could contain martial art movements, if nothing else it could be the art aspect alone.

We can disguise our daily movements as to not look obviously martial art based, when in close proximity of others, perhaps when on a bus or in a bar, or elevator...

As martial arts isn't necessarily just about kicking, punching and blocking, as they are an integral aspect but still they are just movements, just as important is moving away from such things.

Martial art movements was once intergrated in to ways of making a living as for many trades in construction, nowadays perhaps this is not so easy for many, but not impossible by introducing new movement habits in to your day.

Tai chi chuan for instance is a way to integrate good movement habits that are martial art based.

What changes could you make during your usual daily movement habits, that could improve your strength, balance, flexibility, reflexes and speed, for your own martial art betterment?

(To start things off, breathing or deep inhalation improves martial art movements as doing this feeds muscles with the the necessary oxygen and drinking plenty of water helps to keep those movements moisturised)
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