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Alan Armstrong
Black Belt
Black Belt

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 6:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Happy to have helped you Capella.

The Dojo can at times be a place where feeling inadequate can feel disconcerting compared to other students.

Yet it is the (Dodo) being the right place to overcome difficulties in hopefully a safe and nurturing environment for self development and improvement.

Where push ups is difficult for one person, while flexibility is for another and so on... just try to strive at being the best version of yourself as this is what really counts.

This might sound very harsh to say but personally I am grateful to have two arms, even with or without being able to do a single push up.

Whilst having two working legs is very much appreciated also, no matter how good my splits are for kicking.

This viewpoint has come about due to my brother having both of his legs amputated and this has heightened my appreciation very much on having my own two legs, no matter how my flexibility is and kicking capabilities are.

Whilst having the luxury at this moment in time to compare myself to strive in practice to kick like the best kickers in the world, I will forever appreciate from now on having the opportunity to do so.

Where 10 years ago I couldn't walk to the corner store due to serious heart issues.

As martial artists we are fighters at heart, with many battles in a lifetime to overcome, some might be seem trivial like doing a pushup but everyone started with only one pushup in the beginning.

Wish you all well!
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White Belt
White Belt

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 03, 2021 2:23 am    Post subject: Re: Personal Training Reply with quote

Capella wrote:
I finally decided to look for a personal trainer to help me with a few issues I have and which I feel I will not be able to overcome through my regular Kyokushin training alone. Mostly problems with generating power in my punches and kicks and generally some upper body strength issues (I still can't do decent push-ups if my life depends on it ... I meddle through somehow, but it just feels awful).

So I contacted two different personal trainers who both have a kickboxing background and booked trial lessons. One is today, the other one tomorrow. I am really excited about this. And a little nervous. It is something that I had thought about doing ever since getting back into martial arts (and even before that when I was doing strength training at the gym), but never really built up the courage to actually do.

Hey, Late to the table here but I read down the thread and was wondering how things are going with this a year on? Did the PT sessions continue? and did they help?

I am a Karateka and PT. I did my PT certificate to learn all of the principles of fitness so that I didnt have to pay someone else to drip-feed me it haha. At the end of the day though, a coach is really important in certain cases. If the goals are just to lose weight and gain strength generally, then there are some simple principles to live by and you can make mountains of progress without a trainer. I might post here and see if the info is useful to anyone.

Hironori Otsuka - Oliver Brunton - me (5th KYU)
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