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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2021 10:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice to see this active again.

In our school, almost all of our two-person drills have a hidden takedown in them, and every so often our CI will have us practice them -- moreso in the advanced classes than in the normal classes.

For example, the last sequence in our yakusoku kumite dai ni (required for 9th kyu-7th kyu) ends with the attacker performing a right-left lunge punch combo. The defender performs a left fish-tail block (grabbing the opponent's hand in the process), then a right fish-tail block, then performs a boshiken strike to the opponent's neck/throat/chin (pick a target). Typically, that is the end of the drill, but the follow-on technique involves sliding the right hand to the opponent's left collarbone, pulling the opponent's right hand down (that we had grabbed after the first block), performing a circular sanchin step behind the opponent's right leg, and then pivoting the opponent over your leg (essentially an o-soto-gari), and when he hits the ground, a solid punch to the floating ribs to keep him down.

And then our CI said, "here are some of the details of this technique.. And if you screw it up and don't get him to go down on that...", and he demonstrated that you were also in a great position for a floating hip throw (uki-goshi), which ends up with the opponent being in the exact same position where you can do the punch to the floating ribs.

Every so often, he'll also bring joint locks and chokes into play -- we don't practice them all the time, but probably once every month or so. It always makes for a fun class.
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