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Purple Belt

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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2023 2:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wayofaswede wrote:
Thanks for the advice, DarthPenguin. I think one explanation is that we have had very little focus on kumite - I havenít even been required to perform kumite during testing for my latest grades. So I think CI deliberately wants to step things up a notch, he did say Ēuse any technique, as long as you take it easy and itís controlledĒ.

I did talk to CI after last training and told him it was a good lesson that such a technique had to be expected and he once again pointed out that itís easy to miss defense against it, but that itís really easy to defend against once youíre aware it can occur

Today itís club training again, so Iíll get Ēback up on the horseĒ and will be much more ready and aware this time if we do kumite - especially if my training partner is known for good and lightning fast techniques

I have decided to look at what happened and the challenges ahead as if it was the starting point of a long testing cycle for a potential black belt. I have never reached such an advanced level as this in any MA before, so Iím in unknown and daunting - but interesting, fascinating and exciting - territory from know on.

Thank you for all wise and supportive feedback

Sounds like it taught a useful lesson (maybe that was the instructors point!) which will stand you in good stead going forwards.

I've always been taught that in any kumite you should expect someone to hit you with anything and be ready to defend yourself as someone might misjudge something slightly and you could get hard. At my shotokan gradings we are told to strike to hit - if the opponent misses their block/evasion and you don't hit them (with control) then it is a mark against you!

The one that really brought it all together for me was years ago when i was a white belt in a taekwondo offshoot i trained it, at my first grading i stepped in with a backfist and the guy just walked forward and i ended up breaking his nose! I was seriously worried as i didn't want to hurt someone plus i thought i would get in trouble. The grading examiner just said "the technique was fine, you had judged the distance properly, he just blindly walked forward into it with no defense and got hit. His fault not yours". Made it clear to me how much you are responsible for your own safety!
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